The Sound of Nature

The rhythms of nature are a natural source of binaural beats.
If you ever feel out of tune, you can realign yourself by listening to the music of those who are in harmony with the environment. The plants and animals.
Everyone resounds their own note, but together we each play a part in the symphony of the Earth.

Energy Circulation Technique

A new technique I learned:

-Do breath of fire for 1 minute (rapid shallow inhales as quickly as you can).
-Kegels with synchronized breathing, drawing energy up the central channel.
-Ankh energy at lower dantien

-Kegels again, drawing energy up the central channel
-Ankh energy at Heart center

-Kegels again, drawing energy up the central channel
-Ankh energy at Third Eye pyramid

-Breath of fire for 1 minute
-Do a few deep inhales
-One last deep inhale, hold and flex everything

Be sure to press your tongue to the roof of your mouth while doing this, to complete the energy circuit

Astral Travel – May 26, 2017

Let go of your body…
Let go of your body…
Let go of your body…

…and we’re out.

I take a moment to breathe into the environment, allowing my spirit to fully acclimate with the realm surrounding me.
To my surprise, there seems to be a lingering presence nearby.
Focusing, I see what appears to be a rotating torus, made entirely of rainbow light. This object is about the size of a basketball, and continually hovers throughout the air.


Intuitively, I sense that this is some sort of drone used to collect data.

As it goes in the astral realm, you don’t have to know about something in order to know it.
The knowing comes automatically, which some may call “intuitive insight.”
What I mean by this is that you don’t have to collect data or research evidence in order to learn new information in these higher realms.
You simply learn by asking questions, and the universe will “download” the answers directly into your mind. It takes no effort at all, and will often feel like sudden insight, or like you learned something just by thinking about it with your imagination.

Looking at this drone, I instantly know exactly where it came from.
Far off in the distance, I see a base at the edge of our solar system. I know automatically that the two are connected, so I decide to explore and see what I find.

Flying toward this base, I see that it appears to be a small moon, but the exterior is made entirely of metal.
Floating my way through the surface, I notice the insides radiate with colorful light patterns as well, closely resembling that of the original drone I found.

Breathing in and allowing my mind to settle, I understand that this base acts as a collection center for information throughout our solar system. There seems to be a “file” on human interactions, as well as all things regarding this solar system in general.
Interestingly enough, I don’t feel like this is a malicious government spy device, or used for any ill intent. It feels more like a neutral observer, perhaps from an ET race interested in us, in the same way that some people pursue bird watching as a hobby.


Exploring inside, I eagerly desire to learn more.
I make my way to one of the interior rooms, which seems to be pulsating with streams of iridescent light.
I decide to use the same technique I employ when exploring the Akashic Library, which is to simply ask any question I can think of, and allow the information to “melt into” my brain.
I sit still, waiting for it, but on this occasion I received no new insights.

Who built this?
Where did it come from?
Only time will tell.

As I finish my exploration here, I decide to move on to another part of the Universe much farther away.
It seems that often enough, I find myself going to the same star systems over and over. The Pleiades appear to be a popular hot spot among astral travelers, and I’ll admit I’ve visited some of the planets there more frequently than any other.
This time though, I feel like going someplace new, so I resolve to venture to an area other than our local galactic neighborhood.


Soaring through the cosmos, I go up and out as far as I can.
Zooming out of the galaxy…
Zooming out of the cluster of galaxies…
Zooming out of the cluster of clusters…
I zoom out so far that the universe begins to bend around itself.

I go so far, Earth is beneath the galactic horizon.
I come to a place in the universe that we’re physically unable to see from our vantage point on Earth.

Here, I find a galaxy, I find a solar system, and I find one particular star that catches my attention.
It seems to be as large in comparison to our Sun, as Jupiter is in comparison to our Earth.
It’s pretty big!
(To be honest it’s not really that impressive compared to several other stars, even in our own galaxy, but it’s still really amazing to see (and FEEL!) up close).

I have no clue what type of star it is, but it shines with a beautiful turquoise energy, and orbiting this star are 17 planets.
Honing in on one, I traverse through the atmosphere, and make my way toward the surface.

Upon landing, I’m immediately surrounded by a horde of entities.
They make it very clear that they do not welcome Humans onto their planet.

The way they see it, these entities developed their culture without Human interference, and they’d prefer to keep it that way. Our planets are just too far apart.
Their evolution went down one particular path, because of where they are in the universe, while ours went down a totally different path.
Blending the two would be like mixing hot items from one dinner plate, with cold items that are meant to be kept on a completely separate plate.
They just don’t want their culture being exposed to too much outside influence, other than that of the immediate neighboring star systems.

As I explore, these entities follow and watch my every move.
I decide not to stay here for too long, so I bring this adventure to a close and make my way back to my physical body.

Sapo Frog Venom


When it comes to detoxing and holistic remedies, “ordeal medicine” is unique in the way it promotes wellness and health.
Within the Amazon rain forest resides a particular frog, which due to its healing properties, is used as a traditional form of medicine by the indigenous people.
The Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog, also known by the names Sapo and Kambo, secretes a toxin from it’s skin, which ironically is used for healing.

Here’s how it works – The frog releases a toxin, which is scraped off and collected on a wooden stick.
When desired to use, a facilitator will apply this toxin to a persons body, via burn marks on the arm or leg. A burning hot stick is used to burn dots on the top layer of skin, called points, and the frog poison is applied to the exposed burn mark.
This allows the venom to go directly into the bloodstream through the capillaries of the skin.
After doing so, the body’s immune system fires up in order to flush out the venom, which simultaneously removes any other toxins accumulated over the years throughout the organs and body tissue.
This allows your body to clean itself out, because it’s trying to get rid of the toxic venom. In doing this, you remove the physical impurities from the body, but it’s also a great way to heal the emotional body from stored trauma, as well as clear any blockages in the energy meridians.

Often called an ordeal medicine, this is a painful process which is known to heal the body by forcing it to remove anything unwanted. In most cases, this purging process is done by vomiting.
The frog poison is kept on the burn marks for 15 minutes, after which it is removed, and the person returns to normal.

After hearing about Sapo, I decided to give it a try for myself, and I was happy to learn that one of my friends actually facilitates this medicine very close by.
I discovered that there are two methods of going about this – Sapo and Kambo.
Both methods utilize venom from the same frog, but the Kambo version is a bit lighter.
Sapo is the name of the traditional ceremony of the Peruvian Matses tribe. Kambo is a newer, more modernized version, which uses much lighter applications through smaller burn marks, as well as drinking lots of water before applying the medicine, so you’re mostly just vomiting up water.
The theory I’ve been told is that this isn’t good because the purge shouldn’t be light and easy. When using the Sapo method, it’s a deep hard purge and 99% of the time it’s bile, which is used to filter toxins. By purging this out, you’re getting rid of all the old junk, which gives your body a chance to make clean replacement bile.
Also, not everyone needs to purge, so by skipping the water, the medicine is able to work deeply wherever it needs to, instead of just making you throw up a bunch of water.
Kambo also uses water to rehydrate the frog venom, which makes it weaker. The Sapo method uses saliva, which helps reliven alot of the peptides and makes it stronger.
I’ve heard it said that one Sapo point is the equivalent to doing five Kambo points.

My first time using this medicine was actually on my birthday in October last year.
I decided to do two points, and the experience was great.
I knew it would be a bit “light”, since I only did two points, and most people do three for their first time. I was surprised though at how easy it was, and it didn’t seem as uncomfortable as most people make it out to be.
I wondered if this may have been because I’m already pretty clean, so there wasn’t much toxicity to get rid of. I eat pretty well, and I had just done a Liver detox and two Kidney detox’s (using the Andrea Moritz method) earlier in the year.

A few months later, I felt my intuition calling me to do another cleanse.
This time I decided to do four points, since I handled two pretty well the first time.

Four was REALLY intense!
I got exactly what I needed, and I found myself writing on the floor in agony just like I’d expect from a Sapo session.

Since I received two points on my left arm last time, I decided this time to do one on my left arm and three on my right, that way the scars would be even.

Starting the session, I made myself comfortable while the facilitator got everything set up.
When I was ready, she proceeded to burn the points on my arm, and then peeled off the top layer of skin.
This part didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. It feels sort of like touching a hot stove for a second. It burns a little, but it’s not like getting branded by an iron rod.
This process only uses a wooden stick, so it isn’t very hot, and it only burns the top layer of the skin.

After all the burn points are put in place, the frog venom is applied.
Within a minute, I felt my heart rate increasing, and my entire body started to feel warm.
I could feel the medicine working its way through my veins, coursing through my entire body.
My immune system was cleansing every part of me.

I noticed my throat started swelling up as well, but it didn’t restrict my airflow at all. There was just a general discomfort feeling all over my body, and this continued to increase over the next several minutes.

Before long, I was writhing on the floor.
It wasn’t excruciatingly painful, but it was REALLY uncomfortable. It just felt like a pulsating ache all over my body.
My breathing was deep, and my heart was pounding.
All I could do was tell myself, “surrender to the medicine.” Don’t try to fight it, just surrender and let it flow through you.

My friend was playing a drum throughout this process as well.
At first I thought it sounded nice, but once the medicine really started to kick in I felt that it would actually be better for me to sit in silence. The drum sort of distracts me, and causes my mind to focus on it, instead of the pain I’m feeling.
In a way, this actually takes away from the healing process, because I’m now distracted by trying to feel “better”, instead of allowing myself to feel what I’m experiencing.
The best way to integrate is to be present in the experience, not distract myself or ignore it.
At times, a “helping hand” can actually turn out to be a hindrance unknowingly.

Sitting in silence, I had no choice but to be present in the experience, allowing myself to writhe, and completely feel what I’m feeling.

Moments later, I became increasingly nauseous.
I allowed my body to move with it, rocking back and forth, feeling my stomach tighten up as muscle spasms moved throughout my body.

Soon enough, I started purging.
I was given a bucket, which I vomited into.
All I could do was moan, as I allowed my body to release what it needed to let go of.
The discomfort was throbbing. My whole body was just pulsating with pain.
After 15 minutes, the frog venom was removed from the burn marks, and everything was back to normal.

Afterward, I felt incredibly raw and vulnerable, like a washcloth that had just been wrung.
I needed to sit and relax for several minutes, and I understood why this is called an “ordeal medicine”.

After the Sapo session, I was offered Nunu.
Nunu is a powder made from Tobacco, Cacao, and a couple of other medicinal plants, which is blown into the nose.
The facilitator used this on me by taking a pipe, which looks like something you would use to shoot poison darts if you lived in the jungle. She proceeded to put one end in my nostril, and blew through the other end in order to shoot the powder into my nose.
Within moments, I felt it “open” my head space.
I’d never experienced anything like it before. It seemed like the space around my head just opened up, like a bubble of light just expanded around my entire head.
Simultaneously, I felt very grounded as well. I was more aware of the heavy, solidness of my physical body, which is just what I needed because I’m usually very focused on the higher realms.

I see now why Native cultures consider this Tobacco to be a sacred plant medicine. It’s called Mapacho, which is different than the common Tobacco used in cigarettes.
I’ve always had an aversion to Tobacco and I’ve never wanted to use it because of how damaging it can be to your health. I’m seeing now though, that this kind in particular is actually very beneficial to my spiritual practice, so I’m no longer as afraid of it as I used to be.

Next, I was also offered “Sananga”, which is a type of eye drop liquid, which also comes from a plant in the Amazon. It’s said to relax the eye muscles, as well as stimulate the pineal gland.
The facilitator used one drop in both of my eyes, and immediately I felt a burning sensation, similar to getting juice from a hot pepper in the eye.
Shortly after, I felt this strong surge of energy go through the entire right side of my body, and come out through the bottom of my foot. It seemed like it was clearing all my energy meridians, and removing any blockages I had in place.
I continued feeling it for the next several minutes, so I meditated with it until it faded out.

After all three of these, Sapo, Nunu, and Sananga, I was done.
I felt like I had just given birth, and my entire body had been squeezed clean.
I just felt totally raw and weak, but very relaxed. I spent the rest of the day recovering, and needed to process everything that had just happened.

Over the next few days though, I felt INCREDIBLY light!
I feel like my aura field just reached a whole new level of purity. I keep seeing it totally bright and clear, exactly like a quartz crystal radiating with pure light.

As they say, it’s true that this is an “ordeal medicine”, in the sense that it cleanses you by putting you through a painful process, but after it was all said and done, I can tell you it was totally worth it!
If you have any hurdles or energy blockages, try Sapo. There are other plant medicines you can use to aid in your growing process, but there’s nothing quite like frog venom.
Give it a shot, and you’ll be glad you did.

Remember to surrender to the medicine, and purging is part of the process.


sapo points

Parallel Realities

Video by Aaron Doughty
In my experience, the ability to shift realities, or tune-in to parallel universes, comes by breathing into them, and then bringing the energy from there, back into my current reality.

For example, in one of the higher realms I’ve gone to, I met a particular entity who’s energy is specifically focused on “Zest” for life. He had a particular Zest that I’d never seen before, which translated into productivity and the ability to work efficiently.
I began breathing in this energy, and all of a sudden I started receiving downloads in my mind, showing me how to be more productive at what I’m doing, and work in the most efficient way possible.

In doing this, I saw that Ants are actually very strong carriers of this type of energy.
By coming more in-tune with the consciousness of an Ant, I’m better able to embody the mind of an efficient worker.
It isn’t so much about working harder, but rather learning to work more efficiently, and getting better at organizing so that I make the most out of each task, without wearing myself out.

The way to do this is quite simple – all you have to do is go out of body, find an entity you want to learn from, and ask them to teach you their skills.
To be honest you don’t even really have to make it super spiritual and go “out of body”. You could simply ask any person in “real life” to teach you, and learn from any mentors that you look up to.
Find role models who inspire you, and be more intentional about learning from them.

If you wanted to make this ultra spiritual though, the way that I learned about Ant consciousness is by going outside of this universe, and tuning-in to other universes.
Once you go out of body far enough to leave the universe, you’ll see clearly that there are a multiplicity of other universes to choose from. It’s much like a buffet spread, where each sphere is a learning program designed to teach you a specific lesson.
Our universe has one overall theme, and all of the other universes each have their own unique theme.

Once you find one that suits you, simply bring your consciousness into it, and breathe so that the energy of that universe merges, and becomes one with your own.
Breathe so that you become the embodiment of whichever alternate universe you desire.

Another technique I’ve learned is to tune-in to the parallel timelines within this universe.
As I’ve seen it, there is an ocean, where every single drop is an alternate timeline. Looking into them, I’m able to see the outcome of my life if certain circumstances had played out differently.

There are endless possibilities to how our lives could possibly play out, so once you find one that suits you, simply merge into it, and watch it unfold as if it were a memory in your own mind.

Don’t worry about “bringing” your desired fantasy life into this one. Simply imagine it, and visualize it as if it were a memory that’s already happened. Feel the emotions in this memory, and allow it to become as real to you as anything you’ve experienced in your current life.

Doing this may not make you become a billionaire overnight, but you may start to see manifestations, where you’re feeling the same emotions that came about in the “memory” (alternate reality) you were just focused on.
As you continue doing this, you may begin seeing changes in your thoughts and behaviors, even to the point that you find yourself naturally creating the life you’ve desired all along.

Manifesting your optimal life experience is as simple as redirecting the momentum of your own thoughts.
YOU have to create it, but it all starts by altering the way you choose to think.
Choose the life that suits you. It’s literally a buffet.