Merkaba Breathing

-Inhale from the crown and perineum simultaneously.
Draw each breath into the Heart center

-Radiate light from the Heart on each exhale


Energy Circulation Technique

A new technique I learned:

-Do breath of fire for 1 minute (rapid shallow inhales as quickly as you can).
-Kegels with synchronized breathing, drawing energy up the central channel.
-Ankh energy at lower dantien

-Kegels again, drawing energy up the central channel
-Ankh energy at Heart center

-Kegels again, drawing energy up the central channel
-Ankh energy at Third Eye pyramid

-Breath of fire for 1 minute
-Do a few deep inhales
-One last deep inhale, hold and flex everything

Be sure to press your tongue to the roof of your mouth while doing this, to complete the energy circuit

Parallel Realities

Video by Aaron Doughty
In my experience, the ability to shift realities, or tune-in to parallel universes, comes by breathing into them, and then bringing the energy from there, back into my current reality.

For example, in one of the higher realms I’ve gone to, I met a particular entity who’s energy is specifically focused on “Zest” for life. He had a particular Zest that I’d never seen before, which translated into productivity and the ability to work efficiently.
I began breathing in this energy, and all of a sudden I started receiving downloads in my mind, showing me how to be more productive at what I’m doing, and work in the most efficient way possible.

In doing this, I saw that Ants are actually very strong carriers of this type of energy.
By coming more in-tune with the consciousness of an Ant, I’m better able to embody the mind of an efficient worker.
It isn’t so much about working harder, but rather learning to work more efficiently, and getting better at organizing so that I make the most out of each task, without wearing myself out.

The way to do this is quite simple – all you have to do is go out of body, find an entity you want to learn from, and ask them to teach you their skills.
To be honest you don’t even really have to make it super spiritual and go “out of body”. You could simply ask any person in “real life” to teach you, and learn from any mentors that you look up to.
Find role models who inspire you, and be more intentional about learning from them.

If you wanted to make this ultra spiritual though, the way that I learned about Ant consciousness is by going outside of this universe, and tuning-in to other universes.
Once you go out of body far enough to leave the universe, you’ll see clearly that there are a multiplicity of other universes to choose from. It’s much like a buffet spread, where each sphere is a learning program designed to teach you a specific lesson.
Our universe has one overall theme, and all of the other universes each have their own unique theme.

Once you find one that suits you, simply bring your consciousness into it, and breathe so that the energy of that universe merges, and becomes one with your own.
Breathe so that you become the embodiment of whichever alternate universe you desire.

Another technique I’ve learned is to tune-in to the parallel timelines within this universe.
As I’ve seen it, there is an ocean, where every single drop is an alternate timeline. Looking into them, I’m able to see the outcome of my life if certain circumstances had played out differently.

There are endless possibilities to how our lives could possibly play out, so once you find one that suits you, simply merge into it, and watch it unfold as if it were a memory in your own mind.

Don’t worry about “bringing” your desired fantasy life into this one. Simply imagine it, and visualize it as if it were a memory that’s already happened. Feel the emotions in this memory, and allow it to become as real to you as anything you’ve experienced in your current life.

Doing this may not make you become a billionaire overnight, but you may start to see manifestations, where you’re feeling the same emotions that came about in the “memory” (alternate reality) you were just focused on.
As you continue doing this, you may begin seeing changes in your thoughts and behaviors, even to the point that you find yourself naturally creating the life you’ve desired all along.

Manifesting your optimal life experience is as simple as redirecting the momentum of your own thoughts.
YOU have to create it, but it all starts by altering the way you choose to think.
Choose the life that suits you. It’s literally a buffet.


Merkaba Breathing

Step 1) Do kegels (flex the pelvic floor muscle)
2) Inhale during each kegel flex
3) Visualize yourself breathing into your central channel, from the top and bottom simultaneously
Doing this for at least 3 minutes everyday will help clear your energy meridians, which enables you to sustain more energy and embody higher states of consciousness more easily.

Shadow Work

I’d like to share a process I’ve been using, called Shadow Work, which is beneficial to anyone suffering from emotional trauma.
The idea behind shadow work is basically that the suffering you experience today, is rooted in emotional trauma from childhood.
In order to heal yourself from this suffering, shadow work teaches you to go straight to the root, so the initial trauma has nothing to branch from.
Here’s how it works:
If you suffer from anxiety attacks, instead of trying to “get rid” of the anxiety, using shadow work here means bringing your awareness INTO the anxiety, and understanding what actually caused the emotional wound in the first place.
Doing this allows you to actually heal the wound because you’re nourishing the root, instead of just cutting off the branches.
You can use shadow work at any time, but it works best right when you’re feeling an emotional trigger. This means any moment when you experience something that throws you into an anxiety attack, or in some way provokes a strong emotional response.
This is the process I use whenever I feel an emotional trigger:
-First I sit still with my eyes closed for a moment and just be present.
Whatever you RESIST will continue to PERSIST, so if I were to push against the anxiety, that would just make it worse. Instead, what I want to do here is release resistance, and let myself feel the emotion completely.
The anxiety may be an emotional response that my body is using in order to tell me something, so I simply take a moment to tune in, and allow myself to FEEL the emotion.
To start, simply identify what emotion you’re feeling right now.
-Once you’ve identified the emotion, focus on how it physically feels in your body.
For example, “fear” often feels like a sinking feeling in my stomach.
Or “rage” may be a burning sensation in my neck and head.
Just take a moment to sit with the emotion, and allow yourself to feel it completely in your body. Pay attention to the actual physical sensations of the emotion.
-Next you’re going to have to use your intuition (which may seem like just your imagination, or an out of context thought which just “appears” in your mind).
You need to ask yourself “when was the first time I felt this way.”
In your mind, you may be brought back to a memory from your childhood, which directly corresponds to the exact sensation you’re feeling in your body.
For example, if anxiety gives you a tingly feeling on the side of your neck, the memory that comes up could be a time in your childhood where there was a seatbelt or something physically restraining you, while you were experiencing that same emotion of anxiety.
You’ll notice a correspondence between the literal event you see in the memory, and the physical sensation you’re experiencing right now due to the emotion.
The idea here is that certain events in our childhood can be so traumatic that it causes the consciousness to split off from itself, and disassociate from the emotion in order for you to maintain your wellbeing.
Your consciousness becomes fractured, and the root cause of this emotion becomes suppressed in the subconscious mind.
One time when I did this, it made me realize that I always press my lips together when I’m feeling afraid and self conscious, and there’s a certain emotional feeling attached to it.
It turns out the cause of this was when I was a baby my mom would always press my lips together in order to stop me from crying, so the feeling I experience now is just a reflection of that original emotional trauma.
Learning to identify the emotions in this way, and finding any childhood wounding attached to the root of them, allows you to heal the actual cause of the emotion, instead of just covering up the symptom produced by it.
-Once you’ve identified the childhood wounding, it’s simply a matter of validating what you’re experiencing.
One of the biggest issues when it comes to trauma, is the tendency to disassociate because we’re taught that it’s not okay to feel how we feel. It’s not just the pain itself that you’re experiencing, it’s the fact that a parent or caregiver made us feel WRONG for expressing our pain.
When you’re taught that you’re not allowed to be in the state that you’re experiencing right now, you learn to suppress, deny, and disown that aspect of yourself.
The emotion does not actually go away, it just gets suppressed and buried in the subconscious mind.
This is what psychologist Carl Jung refers to as the “shadow”. It’s the aspects of your personality that have been rejected and denied, so they become hidden and suppressed within the part of the mind that we’re unaware of.
You disassociate from who you are, because you’ve been taught that it’s not okay to be that way.
“Shadow Work” is simply the process of becoming conscious of what is unconscious. It’s to shine light on the hidden aspects of yourself that you’ve never been allowed to express.

The band Tool also references this in their song “Forty Six & 2”. Notice the line, “Listen to my muscle memory. Contemplate what I’ve been clinging to.”

Tool – Forty Six & 2

When using this process to heal emotional trauma, you can actually interact with your child-self in your memories, and doing so will rewire your brain circuitry to react as if the initial memory had occurred in whichever way you choose to alter it.
When you’re inside the memory, simply take a moment to sit with your child-self, and let them know that it’s okay to feel how they feel. Be with them and hold them as they experience these emotions, and let them know that they haven’t done anything wrong in feeling this way.
Give unconditional presence, and simply allow yourself to feel how you feel.
When I do this, I like to tell my inner child self, “I am completely here with you now. I honor this emotion you’re feeling. It’s okay that you feel this way. Anyone in your position would feel this way.”
Once I sit with it for a moment, my inner child-self may ask me to do something to alter the memory. Here you can actually interact with your child-self, and meet any unmet need they’re experiencing at this time. You can also interact with other people in this scenario, like explaining to the caregiver what they’re doing wrong, and what they could have done better. It’s especially healing for your child-self in this memory to see your adult-self defending it, by validating their emotion and allowing them to express what they’re feeling.
You can stay here in the memory for as long as you need to. I usually feel my intuition tell me when I’m done here, and it often feels like the memory “dissolves” into my being, as the fractured aspect of my consciousness has rejoined and become whole.
Once the trauma is no longer there, the branches connected to it will also become healed.
So, in short, here’s what you do:
-Identify the emotion
-“How does this emotion feel as a physical sensation in my body?”
-“When was the first time I felt this way?”
-To your inner child “Thank you for showing me this. i am completely here with you now. I honor this emotion you’re feeling. It’s okay that you feel this way. Anyone in your position would feel this way.”
-Alter the scenario however you see fit.
This is Shadow Work, which is also called “inner child work”, “soul retrieval”, or “healing the emotional body”.
As for the result of doing this process, the most important thing I’ve found personally is that it’s more so about learning to UNDERSTAND why the shadow is there in the first place.
Even if I don’t “heal” myself from it, the real point is to bring myself to a point where every time I’m triggered, I instantly know the root cause of the trigger.
This makes it so that I come to a point of not being upset over the things that trigger me, which will in turn allow the trigger to become more of a point of awareness, instead of something that launches me into a negativity spiral of dark emotion.
This teaches you to feel the emotion, without being dragged down into lower emotions because you’re able to see that it’s just something you’re experiencing, and not the ultimate truth of who you are.
You become conscious by observing your emotions, without being attached to them.
This means every time I get a sinking feeling due to fear, my mind instantly goes to the root cause of this emotion, instead of thinking that what I’m feeling has anything to do with what I’m experiencing right now.
This alone will change your entire outlook on life.
Once you learn to integrate your emotion and become conscious of what is unconscious, nothing will ever bother you, and you will begin to have a much deeper understanding that everything you experience is just a passing experience. It’s not the truth of who you are, it’s more like a landscape you’re observing while passing through it.
Become the observer. Dive deep into your emotions, and you’ll see how much beauty you have suppressed within you.
Unconditional love ❤

Laughing Technique

“Whatever arises, love that.”

– That is a phrase I’ve heard from Matt Kahn, and now I’m finding it to be VERY powerful!

One time while I was at work (dishwasher at a restaurant) I tried using this technique and it works amazing!
I tried following this concept, which is pretty similar to something I’d learned in my own spiritual practice, which is that you can stay joyful all the time if you celebrate every experience. Whether the experience is “good” or “bad”, from the higher perspective you can step back and acknowledge that it’s always just an experience in your life as a human, so it is ultimately good.
Don’t wait for something “good” to happen to start celebrating. Literally celebrate everything.

The way that I go about doing this, is to simply laugh at everything I experience. While I was washing dishes, I would think to myself, “Oh look, I just rinsed the food off of this plate, hahaha.” “I just stacked those plates into a neat pile, hahaha.” “Oh, I just dropped a plate and it broke, hahaha!”

I basically force myself to laugh by just doing a slight “giggle” at everything I experience. It may take a little bit of effort to get the ball rolling, but once it starts, it snowballs REALLY fast! All of a sudden I’d just be laughing for no reason, or I’d even catch myself laughing because I just “giggled” at how neatly I stacked the plates.
Before long I was laughing REALLY hard, and I was overflowing with so much joy that other people were starting to ask if I’m on drugs, lol.

As I’ve continued implementing this laughing technique throughout the day, it has proven itself to be REALLY powerful, and I could actually feel my energetic vibration rising and improving my mood drastically.

This is how you live from more of a 5D perspective. Celebrate everything, and allow yourself to laugh at every experience.
This could really be the answer to the spiritual breakthrough you’re looking for, so try it out, and let me know what you think.