Higher Self Meditation

See it as if you’re overlooking your body from a birds eye view.

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Energy Circulation Technique

A new technique I learned: -Do breath of fire for 1 minute (rapid shallow inhales as quickly as you can). -Kegels with synchronized breathing, drawing energy up the central channel. -Ankh energy at lower dantien -Kegels again, drawing energy up the central channel -Ankh energy at Heart center -Kegels again, drawing energy up the central […]

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Parallel Realities

Video by Aaron Doughty In my experience, the ability to shift realities, or tune-in to parallel universes, comes by breathing into them, and then bringing the energy from there, back into my current reality. For example, in one of the higher realms I’ve gone to, I met a particular entity who’s energy is specifically focused […]

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Merkaba Breathing

Step 1) Do kegels (flex the pelvic floor muscle) 2) Inhale during each kegel flex 3) Visualize yourself breathing into your central channel, from the top and bottom simultaneously   Doing this for at least 3 minutes everyday will help clear your energy meridians, which enables you to sustain more energy and embody higher states […]

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Shadow Work

I’d like to share a process I’ve been using, called Shadow Work, which is beneficial to anyone suffering from emotional trauma. The idea behind shadow work is basically that the suffering you experience today, is rooted in emotional trauma from childhood. In order to heal yourself from this suffering, shadow work teaches you to go […]

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Laughing Technique

“Whatever arises, love that.” – That is a phrase I’ve heard from Matt Kahn, and now I’m finding it to be VERY powerful! One time while I was at work (dishwasher at a restaurant) I tried using this technique and it works amazing! I tried following this concept, which is pretty similar to something I’d […]

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Continual Meditation

Be conscious, always. An easy way to stay conscious (so you’re not walking through life on autopilot) is to manually think about every breath you take, at all moments of the day. One exercise I’ve found in like manner that’s helped tremendously in my spiritual practice, is to focus on any aspect of my energy […]

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