Rape’ Tobacco Snuff

You’ll notice an incredibly calm feeling inside the mind. I call this “inner stillness”, which is what happens when all the momentum of thought-chatter suddenly comes to a halt.

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Ceremonial Cactus Medicine

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Sapo Frog Venom

When it comes to detoxing and holistic remedies, “ordeal medicine” is unique in the way it promotes wellness and health. Within the Amazon rain forest resides a particular frog, which due to its healing properties, is used as a traditional form of medicine by the indigenous people. The Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog, also known by the […]

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First Sweat Lodge Experience

  I recently had the opportunity to participate in a sweat lodge, which is a form of prayer held by the Native American Church. This was my first time ever going to a sweat lodge, so I was really excited, and wasn’t sure what to expect. Upon arriving at the location, I was welcomed very […]

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