Astral Travel – May 26, 2017

Let go of your body…
Let go of your body…
Let go of your body…

…and we’re out.

I take a moment to breathe into the environment, allowing my spirit to fully acclimate with the realm surrounding me.
To my surprise, there seems to be a lingering presence nearby.
Focusing, I see what appears to be a rotating torus, made entirely of rainbow light. This object is about the size of a basketball, and continually hovers throughout the air.


Intuitively, I sense that this is some sort of drone used to collect data.

As it goes in the astral realm, you don’t have to know about something in order to know it.
The knowing comes automatically, which some may call “intuitive insight.”
What I mean by this is that you don’t have to collect data or research evidence in order to learn new information in these higher realms.
You simply learn by asking questions, and the universe will “download” the answers directly into your mind. It takes no effort at all, and will often feel like sudden insight, or like you learned something just by thinking about it with your imagination.

Looking at this drone, I instantly know exactly where it came from.
Far off in the distance, I see a base at the edge of our solar system. I know automatically that the two are connected, so I decide to explore and see what I find.

Flying toward this base, I see that it appears to be a small moon, but the exterior is made entirely of metal.
Floating my way through the surface, I notice the insides radiate with colorful light patterns as well, closely resembling that of the original drone I found.

Breathing in and allowing my mind to settle, I understand that this base acts as a collection center for information throughout our solar system. There seems to be a “file” on human interactions, as well as all things regarding this solar system in general.
Interestingly enough, I don’t feel like this is a malicious government spy device, or used for any ill intent. It feels more like a neutral observer, perhaps from an ET race interested in us, in the same way that some people pursue bird watching as a hobby.


Exploring inside, I eagerly desire to learn more.
I make my way to one of the interior rooms, which seems to be pulsating with streams of iridescent light.
I decide to use the same technique I employ when exploring the Akashic Library, which is to simply ask any question I can think of, and allow the information to “melt into” my brain.
I sit still, waiting for it, but on this occasion I received no new insights.

Who built this?
Where did it come from?
Only time will tell.

As I finish my exploration here, I decide to move on to another part of the Universe much farther away.
It seems that often enough, I find myself going to the same star systems over and over. The Pleiades appear to be a popular hot spot among astral travelers, and I’ll admit I’ve visited some of the planets there more frequently than any other.
This time though, I feel like going someplace new, so I resolve to venture to an area other than our local galactic neighborhood.


Soaring through the cosmos, I go up and out as far as I can.
Zooming out of the galaxy…
Zooming out of the cluster of galaxies…
Zooming out of the cluster of clusters…
I zoom out so far that the universe begins to bend around itself.

I go so far, Earth is beneath the galactic horizon.
I come to a place in the universe that we’re physically unable to see from our vantage point on Earth.

Here, I find a galaxy, I find a solar system, and I find one particular star that catches my attention.
It seems to be as large in comparison to our Sun, as Jupiter is in comparison to our Earth.
It’s pretty big!
(To be honest it’s not really that impressive compared to several other stars, even in our own galaxy, but it’s still really amazing to see (and FEEL!) up close).

I have no clue what type of star it is, but it shines with a beautiful turquoise energy, and orbiting this star are 17 planets.
Honing in on one, I traverse through the atmosphere, and make my way toward the surface.

Upon landing, I’m immediately surrounded by a horde of entities.
They make it very clear that they do not welcome Humans onto their planet.

The way they see it, these entities developed their culture without Human interference, and they’d prefer to keep it that way. Our planets are just too far apart.
Their evolution went down one particular path, because of where they are in the universe, while ours went down a totally different path.
Blending the two would be like mixing hot items from one dinner plate, with cold items that are meant to be kept on a completely separate plate.
They just don’t want their culture being exposed to too much outside influence, other than that of the immediate neighboring star systems.

As I explore, these entities follow and watch my every move.
I decide not to stay here for too long, so I bring this adventure to a close and make my way back to my physical body.


City-spheres of the Pleiades



Zooming through space, I honed in on the Pleiades constellation, and flew there at the speed of thought.

My intuition led me to go someplace I’d never been, so I decided to pass by the planets I’ve visited previously.
I flew toward a star on the outskirts of the constellation, which looked tiny in comparison to the others.

This star contained two small planets.
Tuning-in to their energy, one felt very dense and heavy, while the other felt much lighter.
My intuition led me to go to the lighter one.

As I made my approach, I could see that the aura surrounding the planet had an iridescent hue. It looked silvery-white at first, but then changed to pink, and continued changing colors as I got closer and closer.

I flew through the atmosphere and landed on the surface.
The first thing I wanted to do is ground myself with the planets energy. I did so by visualizing roots coming from the soles of my feet, going deep into the ground, and another set of roots coming up from the ground, filling my entire body.
I started breathing in rhythm with the planet, allowing our energy to flow back and forth, when all of a sudden it was as if my entire body melted into the planet itself, and we now became one unified being.
When I was ready, I came to, and started exploring the surface.

As I began surveying the landscape, I noticed that the cities of this planet are contained within energetic spheres.
I approached one, and it seemed as if I needed to dive into the surface of the sphere, which acts as a portal for the city inside.

It’s sort of like hollow Earth. There’s an entire civilization contained on the inside surface of the sphere.
The Pleiadians here design their cities like this because it takes up less space than having one flat city spread across the landscape. It’s more efficient to have each city “rolled up” within the interior of a sphere.

All across the land I saw these city-spheres everywhere, and they actually move about like portable vehicles.

I dove into the surface of the nearest city-sphere, and was instantly transported to the city inside. It was like traveling through a vortex of energy.

The first thing I noticed was the high vibrational intensity of the energy within the city. From the moment I arrived, all I could see was blinding white light until my senses adjusted enough to make out the surroundings.

It appeared that everything in the city was directing its energy toward a single point at the very center.
This point acts as a central Sun, and every city here has their own.
All the living beings, including plants, give their energy to this center point, and in return this central Sun feeds them with energy in order to sustain life.
This shows the value of community and symbiotic living.

I decided to join them, and directed my energy into this central Sun. I was immediately filled with this brilliant energy, and I could feel the connection between all beings around me.

Exploring this city, I came to find a pyramid, which was round like a dome, and small enough to be someones personal home.
There were steps along the outside, so I decided to climb to the top and have a look around.
At the very apex there was a beam of light shooting out, and I could sense that the energy was really intense.
I decided to stick my face into the light, and immediately it was like being blasted with a firehose that removes any impurities from its path.
My entire head was glowing, and it seemed like I just received an energetic bath.

Climbing down the steps, I made my way inside this pyramid.
There was a spiral of energy moving along the inside, and I came to find four people doing a sort of meditation. They invited me in, and I joined them in what seemed like a prayer.
They were chanting something like “OM”, but I wasn’t able to recognize what they were actually saying. It just felt like some sort of healing prayer, and they were sending this energy out to the rest of the planet.
I stayed with them for a moment, and when I was ready to leave they gave me a beverage which helped synchronize the hemispheres of my brain.

After leaving, I decided to go explore a different city-sphere.
Looking at the spheres moving across the landscape, I felt drawn to go to the big one, which is like their main city. This one is actually stationary and does not move across the land. I noticed though, that it has a spiraling energy, and the entire sphere rotates within its own axis.

This one looked a bit different than the others too. The entire city-sphere seemed to be hoisted up on a cathedral-like stadium. There was a beautiful road leading to the entrance, and I could tell this place looked important, like they probably have some kind of grand ceremonies taking place here.

Going inside the cathedral-stadium, someone ran up to me and seemed really excited to see me. They knew who I was immediately, and kept saying that they’re so happy to see me again.
I didn’t consciously remember who they were, but I assumed we may have shared a past life together, or we’ve both been here before.
This person looked sort of like a small elephant, but ran around on two legs, and had energy like a playful child.
She asked if I was going into the vortex (this big city-sphere), and when I said yes, she just told me to have fun.
I got a sense that it must be really intense, and it’s almost like getting on a roller coaster that’s more powerful than you expected.

This entire building looked much more complex than the other city-spheres. With the others, you simply dive in and come out however you please. This one actually had seating around the outside, as if people are looking into it like watching a movie.
There were also people directing anyone who wants to go inside.

I made my way in, and I could immediately feel that this city-sphere had a lot more energy than the previous one. I saw myself going through a vortex, like a wormhole, and when I came out on the other side I appeared inside the city. It was SUPER intense! It was like I went to a totally different place.

Once inside, I started looking around and exploring the city. I immediately noticed that the layout of the city looked like a giant eagle. There were also certain buildings shaped like geometric figures, and I could sense a lot of intense energy radiating from them.

I decided to go to the “heart” building, which is at the center of the eagle layout. I felt immediately though, that as I entered this building, I wasn’t actually able to see what was inside. The energy was so intense, my consciousness instantly separated from my body.
Even though astral travel is already an out-of-body experience, if I go someplace where the energy is too intense for me to handle, my consciousness will actually separate from my light-body. My light-body was still able to move around and go inside the building, but my consciousness, which is like my point-of-view or my “eyes”, just floated far above my actual light-body.

When I stepped into the building, I was not able to see what was actually going on, but it felt like I immediately went into a cleansing process, and there was a lot of high vibrational energy flowing through my body.

Moving on, I went to one of the buildings at the “head” area of the eagle layout. This was actually someones home.
Stepping inside, I found a mirror, and looked directly into it. I thought it was interesting to see my entourage of spirit guides standing around me. They’re always there, even when I’m not specifically focused on them.

I was about to leave, but my guides pointed me toward something on the other side of the room. Hanging from the ceiling, I saw what looked like a quartz crystal, pointed downward. I stood underneath it, and something powerful happened.
I actually don’t remember what actually happened. Apparently it was too high frequency for my human brain to retain.
What I do remember though, is that I felt like I was being sucked into the crystal, and started traveling through a wormhole into another dimension. The next thing I knew I felt like I was about to be sent back to my physical body. I decided against it though, because I wanted to continue my exploration.

Because I did this, going “back”, when the crystal was trying to send me someplace, the energy was disrupted to such a degree that it caused the entire crystal to shatter.
It broke into a million pieces, but I was told not to worry about it because it will fix itself.

I made my way out, and decided to take this route because I wanted to backtrack, and specifically look at the path I took to get here. This makes it easier to remember what I experience when out-of-body, because I feel like I’m mapping out each place that I’ve been to.
I continued backtracking my way out of the city-sphere, and made my way back to my physical body on planet Earth.
Upon returning, I noticed a grey ET with an elongated skull overlooking my body. It was taking notes on me, like some kind of scientific researcher collecting data.

Planets inside Neptune



I took a moment to look at each of my spirit guides.
I felt intuitively that I needed to put some distance between myself and my physical body, because being too close makes it harder to astral travel.
I went just off planet, into Earth’s orbit.

When I focused on one of my guides, he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, saying its an energy exchange.
Another guide showed me a dance when I focused on her energy.

One particular guide, lead me to planet Neptune. We made our way there, and after diving in through the surface, we shifted dimensions and saw that the planet has a hollow interior like inner Earth.
Inside, I saw that there are a few smaller planets. I had to shift dimensions in order to reach them because they each reside at a different frequency, sort of like different channels on the radio.

I was lead to go to the largest planet at the center first.
When I landed, the planet appeared to be light blue in color, and there was actually an Octopus-looking creature under the surface of this planet. This planet I was on looked sort of like a glass sphere, with an Octopus swimming around on the inside.

Walking around on the surface of this planet, there weren’t any houses or normal structures like other planets. What I saw though, were these beams of energy shooting out of the ground. They looked like tall blades of grass, about 10ft tall.
My guide uprooted one of these energy blades, and put it in my body through my root chakra.
This energy blade is actually a living creature, and started moving around like a worm inside my body.
My guide told me it would clean out any stagnant energy within me.
I saw it go to my left leg first, and starting at the foot it just moved around, working its way through my entire body.

We continued on to one of the other planets inside Neptune, which is a little smaller than the one we were just on.
To get there, we needed to shift our frequency just slightly.

Here, I forgot exactly what happened, but I do remember that this planet also had a creature inside, similar to the Octopus in the other planet.
We somehow came to a portal, which resembled a flaming vortex.
Stepping into it, we came out to someplace completely foreign to me.
I was then given some fruit, which resembled grapes or berries, and was told that they would help unlock a portion of my consciousness.
Particularly, they help me come in tune with my “dark” side. It helps me release resistance to any of the “unpleasant” aspects of myself that I’ve been trying to avoid.
It’s basically an edible form of shadow work, or subconscious emotional processing.

Orion Planet 3 in Alnitak A binary System



Today I astral traveled to the Orion constellation.

I started by going out of body, and one of my spirit guides led me to planet Saturn.
She had me fly around the rings of Saturn, and told me to pay attention to the direction they’re spinning. They were moving clockwise, and as I flew in the opposite direction, I was actually causing the rocks and debris to change direction.

My guide wanted to show me that even my astral body has gravity, and it has a greater degree of gravity if I’m powered up from meditation.

I was then led to power down, and let go of the gravity, so these rocks and any other objects would not be affected by my energy.

I started flying through the solar system, and made my way toward Orion’s belt.
I focused on the star I wanted to go to, because I had done some reading about it earlier online. I wanted to go to the left most star (from Earth’s vantage point), which is actually 3 stars, two of which are binary, and the other is locked in a much broader orbit.

I was led intuitively to pass by the binary stars for now, and go to the 3rd because this one is less intense.

I saw that the binary stars had 3 planets orbiting, and the 3rd planet is actually in a weird loop where first it orbits the binary star, but whenever the 3rd star gets close enough, the planet gets caught in its gravity. This makes it so that this planet isn’t locked to any one particular star, but continually moves between the two in a figure 8 pattern, depending on which one’s gravity its locked onto at the moment.

I was led to go to this planet.

I asked for a visual so I could see what it looks like better, and it appeared to be bluish green. It also appears quiet large, like the size of Neptune.

As I made my descent toward the surface, I asked where I should go. I immediately saw an area highlighted in the distance, so I went there.

I was led to an icy mountain peak, where I saw an ET being. He looks similar to Jarjar from Star Wars with a face that drooped down like a camel.
On both sides of the back of his head were two long antennae like things.

My intuition told me to disguise myself so he couldn’t see me.
I put an energy barrier around myself so I’d be invisible. It seemed like he sensed that there was someone nearby at first, but then lost track of me.

I lingered nearby and watched for a moment, and he appeared to be doing some kind of meditation. My guide told me that he’s a “keeper” of the planet, which is like a guardian basically.
It seems that he keeps track of neighboring worlds, and does energy work to keep things in balance. He was doing something energetically, like prayer, as he focused on the nearby planets, and tuning in to the events taking place there.
I even had a sense that planet Earth is within his scope, and he’s well aware of the events we’re going through at this time.
As he moves about his prayer/energy work, I watched as he stepped from one area of the mountain to another, focusing on different nearby stars and planets.

Pleiades 3-2

Today during astral travel I decided to go to the Pleiades Constellation.

I was led intuitively to go to the “3rd star”, because there are several, and I sometimes lose track of which ones I’ve visited before.
This particular star appears to have three planets, but I skipped the first one and decided to go to the second instead.

The first planet I came across was orbiting in a weird formation, and it looked like it was stuck between two different stars. It was giving off a weird energy, which felt very confusing.
The second planet seemed to be rotating pretty quickly, and with a lot of forward moving energy, so I decided to go there.

As I came into the planets atmosphere, I got a sense of a bluish green color, which is great for manifestation and creative energy.
I landed in a grassy field, and there was a unicorn waiting for me. I rode on its back, and it immediately brought me up to a portal so I could experience the planet from the 5th dimension.

I started looking around, and decided to check out the nearby body of water.
Under the surface, I swam around and came to an odd looking structure on the sea floor. I found a small window on the front, and inside there was a woman motioning me to come inside.
Exploring the structure a little further, it looked similar to an old submarine, or some kind of submersible vehicle with thick metal walls.

I came to what appeared to be a door, but I was able to pass through it as if it were made entirely of light.
The moment I stepped inside, my consciousness just went through the roof! The vibes in here were so high frequency I could barely stay inside my body. Even though I was already out-of-body, and using my light-body to explore, if the energy is too high when I go someplace, my consciousness will immediately be thrust out, and I’ll have to ground myself in order to get my bearings straight. This happened REALLY powerfully when I went to Mt Shasta in California during an OBE.

I decided to ground my energy by focusing on my connection with the planet. I visualized roots coming out of my feet, going into the core of the planet itself. I also visualized the planets own roots coming into my body, and we then did an energy exchange by simply breathing in a synchronized motion. I breathed in the planets energy, and I allowed the planet to breathe in my energy. This helped my energy settle down, so my consciousness was no longer flying upward.

The woman I met nearby told me that this structure is a research station. She then led me down the hall, which opened up into an underwater garden. It reminded me of Sandy’s treedome on the TV show “Spongebob”. It was an entire dome structure with an atmosphere and its own ecosystem.
As soon as I stepped into the dome area, I felt my vibration go through the roof again, and my consciousness immediately shot out of my body. The energy is SO high in here it’s ridiculous!
I took a moment to ground myself again, and settled back into my body.

I started exploring the area, and noticed an amazingly beautiful tree at the center. It appeared as if the tree itself was made of glowing energy, and didn’t seem to be a solid object.
I was told by the woman that it’s a miniature Tree of Life, which she obtained seeds from on another planet.
I ate one of the fruit, and it caused my consciousness to expand outward. It looked like I became two of myself, and I immediately became more self-aware.
This fruit was so powerful I only ate one bite and I was done.

Next, I started exploring a bit and noticed there are different creatures here from all over the galaxy. This research area is sort of an ecosystem designed to see how different species will interact with one another.
I came to one area where different species of humans exist. There was one woman I met who said she’s a demonic, malevolent being, and she’ll take advantage of people any opportunity she gets. She was here learning to experience “love”, because it’s not something her species is used to.

I was then shown another species of human who are actually as tiny as ants. I shrunk down to their size and started talking among them.
It looked like they were doing some deep breathing techniques, and when I asked about it they said they’re converting CO2 in Oxygen. It was weird though because it looked like they were breathing water, like there were actually water droplets coming out of them every time they exhale.

I then went into one of their living spaces, which is tunneled underground.
Inside, they showed me that their home is actually a space ship. It was very unique looking, like a mix between a flying saucer and a Jellyfish. The ship itself is actually a living creature.
It touched me with one of its tentacles, and immediately I was transported back to my physical body.


Lost Civilizations of Inner Earth

One of my friends, Gigi, led me on an astral adventure to Inner Earth.
We came to a huge waterfall, larger than Niagara Falls, where we dove into the water and explored to see what lies underneath.

Underwater, swimming in the astral realm is a bit different than doing so in 3d.
While out-of-body, I can’t seem to “push” myself through the water like I would if I were physically there. I’ve learned from previous experience that in order to swim here, I have to let my consciousness merge with the water itself, and then I can flow through it without resistance.

After exploring a bit, we saw something that resembled a giant button, like an “on” switch underwater, but it was as large as my entire body.

We decided to press the button inward to see what it does, and all of a sudden there appeared to be a glowing mandala projecting from it.
It only stayed lit for a few seconds, and then vanished.
I intuitively knew that whenever we push this button, we needed to also hit an “ignition switch” before the mandala disappeared, but we had no idea how, or where to look.


Continuing to explore the area a bit more, it seems this entire structure came from an ancient civilization.
Even in Inner Earth, the environment changes, and there are lost civilizations that the current people know nothing about.
Not everyone is completely enlightened or knows everything about the universe, and that’s okay.

Next, I was intuitively shown that there are two other mandala buttons nearby, which were hidden at first because they’re buried under rock.
We hit the first one again, and this time after pressing the other two, the entire structure “came on” and started to open up.

This entire structure looked like a mountain at first, with a peak protruding above the surface of the water.
After activating these “Mandala Buttons” though, the entire peak opened up, and coming from inside were several holographic mandalas being projected on the the surrounding landscape.

Apparently it was showing us a map of different sacred sites across the Earth, which is where temples or some sort of spiritually significant structure resides. These are all similar to the vortex points on the surface.

It was interesting to look at, but I was told not to go to any of these locations right now because there are people living there who have no idea about the structure beneath them.
They’ve become ruins now from an ancient civilization, and not everyone here even knows that they exist.

Travel by Fire


As I lie in bed, concentrating on my energy meridians, I was surprised to hear my spirit guide say to me, “Why would you want to hide your brightness?”

Often times when I go out-of-body, I feel led intuitively to tone down my energy.
Not everyone in the universe knows EVERYTHING just because they’re an ET race.
It may astonish some people to hear this, but there are actually a vast number of extra terrestrials who would be just as shocked to see a human, as any humans would be to see an ET.

All throughout this galaxy, as well as many other galaxies, you’ll find entire civilizations of people who go about their lives with no concern for space travel, or anything connected with higher dimensions.
They simply live out their lives in whatever state of consciousness they happen to be in, so experiencing out-of-body phenomenon may be just as amazing to them as it seems to be for most humans.

Because of this, I have often been led to tone down my brightness when I travel to other planets where the people are not too familiar with humans.

There seems to be a list of top 10 ET races who interact with humanity on a regular basis, but outside of that, there are BILLIONS of other stars and planets out there.
Not everyone is as transcendental as you’d think, and not everyone knows all there is to know about the entire universe.
In order to prevent too much shock and awe, I often find myself cloaking or veiling my true identity, so I’m able to explore other cultures without causing too big of a scene.

Today though, I decided to forgo the veil, and explore the astrals in nothing but my own light body.

As always, I followed my intuition, and this time I was led toward a planet just across the Galaxy from where Earth is located.
Apparently the planet I came to doesn’t have its own star, nor does it need one, because the planet itself emits its own light.
It’s very similar to that of a Brown Dwarf Star, which is known by scientists to be a type of star which has surface temperatures cool enough to resemble a planet.
It’s still classified as a star though, in the sense that it emits energy and light.

As I made my approach, I was told not to go to this planet without being invited.
I decided to hitch a ride with one of the nearby beings traveling in the same direction, and they were nice enough to give me a quick briefing before we touched down.

He told me that on this planet, the beings are not so focused on whether something is “right” or “wrong”. They are simply “aware” of what is.
There is no attachment to one perspective being more valid than another. They are more in a state of being present with whatever the experience is, with no judgment of whether it’s “right” or “wrong”.

After landing, it looked like there was a cloud of smoke coming from our ship, like when a person opens a door really dramatically, and is surrounded by mist as they come into appearance.

I didn’t understand what was happening at first, but then I realized we were traveling by FIRE!
Fire itself is the “ship” we were using to travel, so when we landed, it appeared as though we came out of a cloud of smoke.

I instantly realized this may have happened because I actually had a candle lit in my room while I was meditating.
Something I’ve learned about spirituality is that you can actually create an easy portal to higher realms just by having a candle or incense lit. I’m not sure how it works, but somehow spirits are able to pass through that point of ignition, so I’ll often see an increase in spirit interactions when I light candles or incense during meditation.

I think this is also why I was told not to go to this planet without being invited.
It’s not that I’m not “allowed” to go there without an escort, but rather, the person I hitched a ride from is literally the only way to get into the vibrational frequency of where this planet resides.
The fire itself, which I thought of as a “ship” was the actual doorway which allowed me to enter this planet.

After landing, I was told not to follow the guy who brought me here. He flew off really fast, so I just started exploring on my own.

As I settled in and started to explore the environment, I suddenly had a sense that I was being ejected off of the planet.
I was immediately told though, that I’m simply entraining with the planets energy field.
I saw my consciousness loop up and around the planet, as if I were becoming one with its electromagnetic field.
Once I settled in, I felt much more grounded, and I realized the planet itself is actually a giant crystal!

It was the craziest thing ever, but the physical planet is actually made of crystal, and I could see multiple layers overlapping, which were etheric grids created by the crystal. Each layer is like an entire planet in itself, and depending on what frequency you vibrate at, you can go to whichever “planet” you like.

After exploring for a bit, I came to find a person with pointed ears and light blue skin.
There was an iridescent glow radiating from his body, and he spoke to me telepathically.

He asked me what I would like for my birthday.
I started imagining different scenarios I wanted to manifest, but overall he could sense that all I really wanted is to be happy, so that’s what I would receive.

He explained that his species has evolved beyond wanting happiness in the way that humans do.
They can pursue happiness, but it isn’t because they’re trying to avoid unhappiness. They pursue happiness simply because they’re curious about that experience.
They pursue any experience, simply for the sake of having the experience.
You can experience pain and discomfort, but you don’t have to “enjoy” it. You simply experience it, because the experience itself is interesting.

Humans are more prone to pursue something, because we think we’ll enjoy it. It’s outside of our nature to pursue experience purely for the experience itself.
It’s understandable that most people would have no desire to pursue something that they know would feel painful or uncomfortable, and would rather pursue something that they know would make them happy.

This is human nature, but some beings have moved beyond this, and instead know how to live with a mindset of pure experience, so they no longer feel the drive to pursue one thing because they’re wanting to avoid something else. They instead choose to pursue whatever they desire, simply because the experience itself is interesting.
No experience is better or worse than any other.

This being understood that as a human being, I still want to be happy, so that’s exactly what he gave me.
He prompted me to say “Thank you for happiness”, as he put a flame of “joy” into my body.
I then breathed it into my physical body, and it felt REALLY good!