Astral Travel – May 26, 2017

Let go of your body… Let go of your body… Let go of your body… …and we’re out. I take a moment to breathe into the environment, allowing my spirit to fully acclimate with the realm surrounding me. To my surprise, there seems to be a lingering presence nearby. Focusing, I see what appears to […]

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City-spheres of the Pleiades

  Zooming through space, I honed in on the Pleiades constellation, and flew there at the speed of thought. My intuition led me to go someplace I’d never been, so I decided to pass by the planets I’ve visited previously. I flew toward a star on the outskirts of the constellation, which looked tiny in […]

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Planets inside Neptune

  I took a moment to look at each of my spirit guides. I felt intuitively that I needed to put some distance between myself and my physical body, because being too close makes it harder to astral travel. I went just off planet, into Earth’s orbit. When I focused on one of my guides, […]

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Pleiades 3-2

Today during astral travel I decided to go to the Pleiades Constellation. I was led intuitively to go to the “3rd star”, because there are several, and I sometimes lose track of which ones I’ve visited before. This particular star appears to have three planets, but I skipped the first one and decided to go […]

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Travel by Fire

As I lie in bed, concentrating on my energy meridians, I was surprised to hear my spirit guide say to me, “Why would you want to hide your brightness?” Often times when I go out-of-body, I feel led intuitively to tone down my energy. Not everyone in the universe knows EVERYTHING just because they’re an […]

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Alpha Centauri Visit

Today I decided to visit Alpha Centauri, so with a quick shift in consciousness I traveled through space to this not-so-distant neighboring star. Astral travel is instantaneous, so the moment I think “Alpha Centauri” I’m instantly there. I appeared inside the actual star (which can act as a portal), but quickly exited and made my […]

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I astral traveled to planet Venus today, and I learned that the molecules in the atmosphere there actually cause your brain to produce the love hormone. This makes it so you literally fall in love with the environment and everyone you see, so this is a wonderful planet to visit if you ever need help […]

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