Higher Self Meditation

See it as if you’re overlooking your body from a birds eye view.

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Astral Travel – May 26, 2017

Let go of your body… Let go of your body… Let go of your body… …and we’re out. I take a moment to breathe into the environment, allowing my spirit to fully acclimate with the realm surrounding me. To my surprise, there seems to be a lingering presence nearby. Focusing, I see what appears to […]

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City-spheres of the Pleiades

  Zooming through space, I honed in on the Pleiades constellation, and flew there at the speed of thought. My intuition led me to go someplace I’d never been, so I decided to pass by the planets I’ve visited previously. I flew toward a star on the outskirts of the constellation, which looked tiny in […]

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Planets inside Neptune

  I took a moment to look at each of my spirit guides. I felt intuitively that I needed to put some distance between myself and my physical body, because being too close makes it harder to astral travel. I went just off planet, into Earth’s orbit. When I focused on one of my guides, […]

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Pleiades 3-2

Today during astral travel I decided to go to the Pleiades Constellation. I was led intuitively to go to the “3rd star”, because there are several, and I sometimes lose track of which ones I’ve visited before. This particular star appears to have three planets, but I skipped the first one and decided to go […]

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Travel by Fire

As I lie in bed, concentrating on my energy meridians, I was surprised to hear my spirit guide say to me, “Why would you want to hide your brightness?” Often times when I go out-of-body, I feel led intuitively to tone down my energy. Not everyone in the universe knows EVERYTHING just because they’re an […]

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Alpha Centauri Visit

Today I decided to visit Alpha Centauri, so with a quick shift in consciousness I traveled through space to this not-so-distant neighboring star. Astral travel is instantaneous, so the moment I think “Alpha Centauri” I’m instantly there. I appeared inside the actual star (which can act as a portal), but quickly exited and made my […]

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