Ayahuasca – September 20th

I am who I am today because of everything I’ve been through

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The Sound of Nature

The rhythms of nature are a natural source of binaural beats. If you ever feel out of tune, you can realign yourself by listening to the music of those who are in harmony with the environment. The plants and animals. Everyone resounds their own note, but together we each play a part in the symphony […]

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February 17, 2017

At this time, the energy resonating with the people of the Earth is “empowerment”. This is the desire several people are feeling most strongly, and this comes into fruition the more we focus on it. One way to feel this empowerment is to drink of the Earth. I see an image of a person drinking […]

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Be Who You Are

Never forget, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not separate from Source.   There’s nothing wrong with being “out of alignment”. Even being “out of alignment” is just part of our experience as a human being. Even in this state though, we continually are a part of Source consciousness.   You haven’t gone off course. […]

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The Essence of who we are

One thing I find interesting about going out of body, is that even when I tune-in to my Higher Self, I feel like I don’t actually identify AS my Higher Self. It seems more like the “me” who is going to these other dimensions and viewing these higher aspects, is actually sort of overlooking each […]

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Trust Yourself

As Humanity moves into a new time-cycle, the theme I’m feeling here is “Personal Responsibility.”   Previously, we had come into a cycle of “Coherence.” Within the theme of coherence, the unfortunate shadow side of this plays out as “obedience”. This can be seen in situations where a person knows in their heart that what […]

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Find Peace Within Yourself

“If you want to end war in the world, end war within yourself.” I’ve heard this statement thrown around quite a bit in spiritual communities, but I wonder how many people actually know what it means. The idea here is that everything we experience externally in the world around us, is merely a reflection of […]

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I feel like most Native Americans are of Arcturian decent. Here are two messages I’m feeling right now: “When you kill something, harvest its organs and make good use of every part of it’s body.” “Even when you’re not manifesting something new that you’d like, make good use of what you already have.”

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JP Sears

I had the honor of meeting JP Sears at the Holistic Life Festival this weekend, and he truly is an amazing being. I briefly shared a conversation with him, and I found that he carries a very powerful balance of ebb and flow. He radiates with a MASSIVE amount of bright, high vibe energy, while […]

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