The Mirrored Reality of an Empty Vessel

How many times have you heard it said that everything you experience is a reflection of yourself?
The thoughts you have about me, are actually a reflection of you.
I’ve been learning this lesson about reality mirroring everything, and I’ve even come to take it one step further.
My understanding now is that each of these mirror truths I see being reflected from someone else, is also an aspect of them, which I’m being asked to hold space for, FOR them.
If I have a hateful thought towards someone, what’s actually happening is that I’m seeing one of the thoughts lingering within THEIR energy field, and I am being asked to hold space for them by seeing it with compassion and unconditional love.
My “thoughts” are actually someone else’s energy being transmuted through my body.
I’ve become an empty vessel, like a radiant crystal, and any thought I have toward you, which seems to be coming from me, is actually your own light being reflected back at you.
I’m holding space.
I’m being asked to accept the thoughts that people refuse to accept about themselves.
By being a clear cognizant channel, like a clear quartz crystal, the purity of my being is drawing out the aspects within other people that are asking for integration.
Its a breakthrough to understand that everyone is a mirror of yourself, but its a whole new breakthrough when you see that my thoughts about a person are actually THEIR OWN suppressed thoughts, asking to be unconditionally loved.
Have you ever met a person, and felt like you just hate them for no reason?
You’re actually seeing THEIR thoughts about themselves, and their soul is asking you to hold space for them with unconditional love (presence).
Be an empty vessel

This “empty vessel” analogy transcends the basic mirror analogy.

When I see the world as a mirror of myself, it simply means that if I’m annoyed by you, there must be an aspect of myself that I am annoyed by.
I never came to terms with, and found acceptance for this annoying aspect of myself, so now I am seeing it mirrored in the people around me.
I’m suppressing and refuse to admit that I’M annoying, so the universe mirrors this aspect of me by allowing me to encounter other people who I think are annoying.

The “empty vessel” understanding though, is that if I find you annoying, its because I’m holding space for this suppressed, unaccepted aspect within you.
I’m feeling it empathically, if you refuse to feel it within yourself.

These two states of consciousness, “mirror” and “empty vessel”, play out simultaneously, but do not contradict one another.


The Sound of Nature

The rhythms of nature are a natural source of binaural beats.
If you ever feel out of tune, you can realign yourself by listening to the music of those who are in harmony with the environment. The plants and animals.
Everyone resounds their own note, but together we each play a part in the symphony of the Earth.

February 17, 2017

At this time, the energy resonating with the people of the Earth is “empowerment”.
This is the desire several people are feeling most strongly, and this comes into fruition the more we focus on it.

One way to feel this empowerment is to drink of the Earth.
I see an image of a person drinking water from the Earth’s creeks and rivers.
This is a nourishing food that you can’t find anywhere else.
It fills every cell of your body with living energy, and makes you alive from the inside out.

Breathe deep of the air. It purifies you.

The energy I see so many people grasping for, is “hope”.
We’re looking for something to put our hope in, that will cause us to be at ease and confident about the future.

What I’m hearing from Gaia is, Hope comes from within, as a seed deep in your belly, which brings peace to the Heart.
Hope will literally lower your heart rate.
Spend a moment each day connecting with the Earth, and her calm relaxing heartbeat will soon become your own.

Peace =)

Be Who You Are

Never forget, there’s nothing wrong with you.
You’re not separate from Source.
There’s nothing wrong with being “out of alignment”.
Even being “out of alignment” is just part of our experience as a human being.
Even in this state though, we continually are a part of Source consciousness.
You haven’t gone off course.
The old paradigm was all about expansion and growth.
The idea was that there’s something wrong with being human, and we need to transcend the ego and reach a more enlightened state in order to become whole.
You see this in religions that condemn the human nature, or un-consciousness, in favor of a more divine nature.
This is where many people learned to become healers, light workers, star seeds, etc, in order to transform the planet into something “better” than it already is.
What if, though, there’s nothing wrong here?
What if you actually didn’t “mess up”, and there’s nothing in your life that needs fixing?
Perhaps the experiences we have, which seem to be disharmonious, or “out of alignment” from our Higher Truth, are actually just part of our human experience.
It’s not something we need to get rid of. It’s just an experience that we’re moving through.
It’s beautiful in its own light, and ultimately still a part of the whole.
You are divine, right where you are, even in the middle of your mess.
As we transition from the old paradigm into the new, what I’m seeing here is the concept of “healers” being replaced by people who “hold space”.
It’s not that we’re holding space in order to heal, but rather we’re holding space in order to BE.
I don’t need to change who I am, I need to BE who I am.
Life is only painful when you resist it. The moment you release resistance, and allow yourself to be fully present in the experience, the pain will dissolve, and all you’re left with is conscious awareness.
I can be aware of what I’m experiencing, without identifying with the pain of it.
This is where you find freedom, bliss, peace and love, but it isn’t found by running FROM something, in favor of something else.
It’s only found by being present with what you’re ALREADY experiencing.
Be present, and you will find perfection in who you already are.
There’s nothing wrong with you.
Picture is “Universal Mind Lattice” by Alex Grey

The Essence of who we are

One thing I find interesting about going out of body, is that even when I tune-in to my Higher Self, I feel like I don’t actually identify AS my Higher Self.
It seems more like the “me” who is going to these other dimensions and viewing these higher aspects, is actually sort of overlooking each of these higher aspects from an outside perspective.
Even though I see my physical 3d life as a “day dream” of my Higher Self, when I focus on seeing my Higher Self I feel like I don’t actually embody this being completely, but I instead hover next to it from and outside observer perspective.
It seems that I’m actually a point of consciousness, observing whichever form it chooses to inhabit.
No matter how far out I go, seeing each aspect of my Higher Self like layers within an onion, or a dream within a dream within a dream, it seems that I never actually identify as BEING any of these aspects.
Even in regard to collective consciousness as well, it seems that the true “me” isn’t actually a part of it, and I’m simply observing it from an outside perspective.
I am the consciousness, observing the “form”.
In the same way that my physical body is a sort of “shell” which my consciousness resides in, so also is the universe, and all “collective consciousness” a sort of shell which the true Essence resides in.
I haven’t completely realized what “I” actually am, but I suspect that it’s something far beyond consciousness, or awareness.
The true “I” is perhaps actually the void space, which is the unfathomable space of non-existence.
As science says, 99% of atoms are empty space.
It is perhaps this void space that is the true essence of who we are.
Everything surrounding it which we use to identify as “I” or “you”, is merely a decorative illusion.
The true essence of who we are is a state of non-existence.

Trust Yourself

As Humanity moves into a new time-cycle, the theme I’m feeling here is “Personal Responsibility.”
Previously, we had come into a cycle of “Coherence.”
Within the theme of coherence, the unfortunate shadow side of this plays out as “obedience”.
This can be seen in situations where a person knows in their heart that what they’re being asked to do is wrong, but they decide to comply anyways because of the fear that being disobedient will make them look bad.
They’ve been taught their whole life that it’s best to just follow orders and do whatever they’re being told by an authority figure.
Within the new theme of “personal responsibility”, we’re going to see an increase of people who trust their internal guidance system, and aren’t afraid to break tradition in favor of doing what’s right for themselves as an individual.
The time of following cultural norms is coming to an end.
From now on, you will be completely accepted for who you are, even if it’s not what others were expecting.
Peace =)

Find Peace Within Yourself

“If you want to end war in the world, end war within yourself.”

I’ve heard this statement thrown around quite a bit in spiritual communities, but I wonder how many people actually know what it means.

The idea here is that everything we experience externally in the world around us, is merely a reflection of what we’re experiencing internally. For example if I’m full of love and peace, everything around me should be loving and peaceful.
This implies that if there’s something I dislike about the world, the only thing I need to do in order to change it is do more internal processing, such as shadow work (Carl Jungs method of working with the subconscious mind), or any form of conscious meditation.

What many people fail to realize though, is that ending war “within yourself”, is more of a transcendental truth, which isn’t meant to alter reality in a practical sense.

This is how it works – if I’m upset about corruption in government, you could say this is merely a projection of my own self, which means there is an aspect of my own psyche which needs healing from corruption.

After doing enough internal processing, the truth that many people are afraid to realize is that this is not going to magically change the corruption in government.
What it actually does, is change the way I PERCEIVE corruption in government.
When I find the subconscious root of “corruption” within my own mind, the point of shadow work is to bring CONSCIOUSNESS to the un-conscious.
I simply become aware of what I didn’t know previously.
This does not mean it will disappear, but simply that I become AWARE of why it’s there in the first place, which now allows me to hold space for it through compassionate understanding.
When I see the positive intention for its existence in the first place, this allows me to see it from a new perspective of understanding, which means I’ll no longer have a desire to get rid of it.

Finding peace in the world by finding peace within yourself is a concept that most people are simply not ready for. The reason for this is because it’s actually a 5th dimensional experience, which is the understanding that all which transpires is completely meaningful.
What most people label as “good” or “bad”, “right” and “wrong”, from a 3rd dimensional perspective, is understood to be just a part of your human experience from 5d perspective. Nothing you experience is “wrong”. There isn’t a “good” part of God’s creation, and a “bad” part of God’s creation. Everything in existence is God’s creation. Some parts of it may seem undesirable from human perspective, but when you see it from a much higher perspective you understand that everything in existence has meaning, and there isn’t a part of God’s creation that we need to get rid of.

Whether you call it “God”, The Universe, Collective Consciousness, or anything else, the point is that from this higher perspective, everything you experience is a meaningful experience.
The universe didn’t make a mistake when it allowed “evil” to exist. Certain experiences only seem undesirable while we’re human, but coming to a higher state of consciousness allows you to see a much broader perspective.

Finding peace within the world by finding peace within yourself is “true”, but only from a 5th dimensional perspective.
What this literally means is that when you gain this understanding, corruption in government isn’t going to magically vanish, but you simply won’t be bothered by it anymore. You’ll be able to see both sides of the coin, so to speak, and then you’ll realize that this peace you’re searching for isn’t so much about the absence of “evil”, but rather coming to a place of UNDERSTANDING it, and learning to hold presence for everything you experience, because everything you experience is a manifestation of divine consciousness.

No part of your reality is “wrong”. It only seems to be, because we’re human.
What this means is that this entire concept of ending war in the world by ending it within yourself, isn’t truly meant to be experienced in our 3d reality. It isn’t a practical way to live, and is only meant to be embodied in 5d.

As a human being, if you want to end atrocities in the world, you’re literally going to have to stand up and do something about it. No amount of wishful thinking or change of perspective is going to alter the physical reality of what’s happening.
Be real. There’s a time to light sage and meditate, but there’s also a time for practical action.
As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”