The harsh truth of reality is that everyone is a vampire in one way or another.
Everything feeds off of something else in order to survive.

Even your Higher Self, as well as Universal Consciousness, is gaining expansion through the shit you experience in life.

Everything is in a state of decay, but this is necessary in order for life to flourish.


A Human is a Temple for multiple streams of consciousness

You are not one person. A human being is actually a conglomerate of many different entities.

In the same way that all of your organs work together in order to make your body whole, so also do all of your spirit guides work together to create the being which you call by your name.

Your human form is nothing more than a “temple”, which houses a collection of different spirits. Every thought you think, and every action you take, is actually the collective consensus of ALL the beings which reside in you.

When you experience conflicting thoughts, what’s actually happening is nothing more than an argument between one spirit guide and another. The final decision you make, or the final action you take, is the CONCLUSION to the conversation they were just having.
This happens so quickly in split seconds that it feels like you’re the one thinking your thoughts for you, but in reality every thought you experience is nothing more than the collective conclusion of the input from ALL your spirit guides.

People often wonder, how do I get in contact with my spirit guides? Listen to your thoughts! They ARE your spirit guides, blended together as one collective voice.
Pay attention to what you’re thinking about, and ask yourself WHY am I thinking about this. Trace your thoughts to the root, and notice how it feels emotionally every time you experience a crossroads, or junction between conflicting ideas.

This is where your spirit guides reveal themselves to you. Each one has their own unique voice, which you could think of like a feeling signature, so pay attention to the individual “flavor” that each of your thoughts carry.
When you do, you’ll soon realize that everything you think and everything about who you are, is nothing more than a conglomerate of every entity who resides IN you.

You are not one person. You are a collection of beings, who collectively form the person that you call by your name.

This is what people are actually experiencing when they have multiple personality “disorder”. They’ve just become self-aware enough to recognize the different aspects of their psyche, but it becomes a problem when they start identifying with one more than the others because they’re now personifying each of the aspects individually, instead of as one collective body like most people do.

Angel Work

Throughout my spiritual journey, I’ve gain a lot of abilities.
Clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience are a few of the commons ones that most people have heard of, but one of the lesser known abilities that I’ve learned to work with is the ability to visit people from an out-of-body perspective.

I call it “Angel Work”, because from the other persons point of view, I may literally appear to be an angel who supernaturally intervenes in their current experience.
I do this by simply going out-of-body, and allowing the universe to guide me toward anyone in need of assistance.

Here’s an example of some of the Angel Work that I’ve done recently:

Today I felt called to visit Detroit, Michigan, so upon going out-of-body, I allowed my consciousness to be drawn to the location where it was needed.
Much like a beacon drawing me in, the area I was being called to lit up like a lighthouse, so I instantly knew exactly where to go.


I arrived in what looked like a pretty rough neighborhood. The house I was going to specifically, appeared to be an abandoned crack house. There was no actual home owner, but apparently someone had broken in, and was using the house as a makeshift shelter.

The person I came to within the house had been facing such difficult circumstances that he’d completely lost all hope, and came to a point of entirely giving up on life.
He had just cut his wrist, and was in the process of bleeding to death. Immediately after making the initial cut though, he instantly regretting his decision, and was trying frantically to stop the bleeding.

When I arrived on the scene, my spirit guides led me to set up a container field, where we were able to discuss the options of what to do, without worrying about the amount of time that passes in real-time.
The field we set up is what some call a no-time field. It allows us to operate outside the physical constraints of time, so there’s no worry about the duration that passes during the discussion and operation of whatever takes place.

Within the no-time field, my guides and I took a moment to discuss our options so I could figure out what to do.
I was shown that if I decide to supernaturally intervene, and allow this man to survive his suicide attempt, it would alter certain aspects of his life, and especially have a drastic impact on the way that his family interacts with him.
I got a sense that his life may actually take an unpleasant turn if I allow him to survive, so it isn’t always as black and white as needing to save a life just because they’re in need of healing. In some cases, allowing a person to pass on really is the best option, which is why many people do not receive angelic visitations when they’re in a life or death scenario.

I was shown that if I decide not to intervene, and instead just allow him to die, he would actually find the peace that he’s been searching for, and has been unable to experience in his current life.

I’m not sure why, but for some reason I was instantly drawn toward letting him continue in his life. Even though I had a sense that it may not be the easy road, I just had an underlying feeling that this will ultimately benefit him more in the long run, and this truly is what he actually wants right now because his thoughts were already aligned with, “I regret doing this, I actually do want to live.”

I decided to intervene and allow him to live, so my guides assisted me in causing his blood to coagulate, so it would clot at the area where he’d cut his wrist.
As soon as his wound was sufficiently healed, I was instantly taken out of the scenario, and brought back to my physical body.

Candles and Incense


I’ve recently learned how powerful FIRE can be in working with the spirit realm.
Whether using a candle flame, or the smoldering tip of an incense or sage, any type of “burn” creates an open portal between this realm and the higher realms.

It’s been multiple occasions now that I’ve experienced having a new spirit visit me during meditation, simply because of the fact that I had a candle or incense lit. They see the flame as an open doorway, which allows them to connect with this realm more easily.

Just to quell any fears though, you don’t have to worry about any “negative” entities visiting you, because only those which are already a vibrational match to the energy YOU give off, will even be able to share the same space with you.
If you embody nothing but love and light, the only thing you’ll attract into your reality is more love and light. “Demons” and low vibe entities won’t even be attracted to you ^_^

How to have an Out-of-Body experience

In order to have an out-of-body experience, all you have to do is use your imagination.
What you experience out-of-body may be interpreted through your intuition as a “day dream”.
Start by meditating quietly, and once you’re completely relaxed, use your imagination to visualize yourself floating out of your body.
Get a visual in your mind of how your physical body looks from an outside perspective, and now you’re free to explore where ever you like.
Don’t worry so much about whether or not it’s “real”.
Have no attachment to what you’re seeing, and just consider everything you experience to be a valid experience.
Once you get comfortable being out-of-body, ask your spirit guides, or guardian angels to come forward and introduce themselves to you.
Take note of anything you experience, even if it starts as just a tingle up your spine, or a warm sensation on your hands. Play along with it, and don’t think that it’s just the air conditioner. Have no attachment to whether or not it’s “real”.
Once you start meeting your guides and exploring more out-of-body, you’ll gain so much wisdom it will become laughable to even worry about whether or not it’s “real”.
Practice meditation every day, and the states of consciousness beyond the 3rd dimension will start to become just as real as the physical world.

Aloha Ke Akua, Kuleana

Aloha Ke Akua – “Breath of Life”, or “God is Love”
Kuleana – Responsibility in life
These are two phrases I’ve learned recently, which I’ve found to be very powerful in meditation.
Something interesting I’ve experienced though, is that like anything else, these words have been misunderstood and watered down to a point that it’s completely lost its true meaning.
When many people learn about Hawaii, without actually being a part of the culture, they think the word “Aloha” is used as a greeting, similar to “hello”.
This is not the true meaning of the word.
The actual translation would be more along the lines of “Breath of Life”, or “God is Love”, but even this doesn’t actually convey the true depth of what is being said.
The true essence of Aloha Ke Akua is to recognize the unfathomable divine nature in all beings.
Some call it Breath of God, Prana, Universal Energy, Life Force Energy, Chi, or a billion other names, but the idea is to understand that all beings (living and non-living) are part of God’s divine nature, and nothing is less-than or inferior-to.
It’s the basis of “namaste” – the divine nature in me recognizes the divine nature in you.
It isn’t simply the fact that God “gave” you a spark of life, but rather, you ARE God incarnated as a physical being, and the aspect of God which is “me” is recognizing the aspect of God that is “you”.
Essentially, it’s God recognizing itself.
To say “Aloha Ke Akua” is to say that the unfathomable divinity of me, recognizes the unfathomable divinity of you.
The true essence of what “God” actually is though, is too incomprehensibly mind blowing to even put into words, so the closest we can come up with is to say “Breath of Life”, or “God is Love”.
Aloha Ke Akua, the unfathomable divinity in everything.
Kuleana likewise, transcends words.
Even more powerful than taking responsibility in life, the idea behind Kuleana is to accept WHO you are.
Many people use religion and spirituality to escape who they are. We’re taught that we have a “sin nature”, or an inherent part of us that is unacceptable.
The concept of transcending the ego, likewise, teaches that there’s something wrong with who you are, and you must reach a state of saint/godhood in order to be accepted.
Essentially, these are just different ways of hating yourself. It’s the idea that God somehow made a mistake, which now needs to be corrected, or that there’s something wrong with you for being human.
This could not be farther from the truth.
The truth is, there is nothing wrong with who you are. It’s okay to be human, and every “mistake” you’ve made is an essential part of your learning experience.
You are loved exactly as you are, and you haven’t made a single mistake in your entire life.
What Kuleana actually means here, is that I fully embrace who I am as a human being.
Even more than that, I CELEBRATE who I am, because as an aspect of unfathomable divinity, it’s literally impossible for you to be anything other than beautiful.
Aloha Ke Akua, Kuleana. I recognize your unfathomable divine nature, and it’s impossible for you to be anything other than beautiful.
Thank you for who you are in my life. You are exactly where you need to be.

The Flower of Life, Creation Pattern of Our Universe


As many of you know, the Flower of Life, as well as Metatron’s Cube and the geometric figures that come out of it, are the creation pattern of our universe.
Everything in our physical reality is manifested from this basic pattern. (Google search the flower of life to learn more).

What many people don’t realize though, is that the Flower of Life is only the creation pattern for THIS universe. There are many other universes, which each have their own unique creation pattern.

Learning about Sacred Geometry is great, but don’t consider it to be the end all of universal knowledge. Doing so, in a way, can “lock” you into this one reality, because this one system becomes a sort of lens through which you view the world around you.
As long as you’re viewing reality through this one perspective, you shut yourself off from understanding other perspectives.
The Flower of Life, and everything created from it, become the one reality that you’re able to perceive.

The truth is, if you want to raise your consciousness to understanding the higher realms of existence, you very well may need to drop everything you “know” about THIS reality, because what we experience as truth here becomes completely obsolete when you step into a different perspective.
Absolute “truth” loses its meaning when you switch perspectives.

This universe has one particular mode of operation, and each of the other universes has a completely different mode of operation.
Learning to step outside of this one modality is key to embodying higher consciousness.
Be fluid, and understand that what works for you today, may become completely obsolete tomorrow.