The Sound of Nature

The rhythms of nature are a natural source of binaural beats. If you ever feel out of tune, you can realign yourself by listening to the music of those who are in harmony with the environment. The plants and animals. Everyone resounds their own note, but together we each play a part in the symphony […]

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Energy Circulation Technique

A new technique I learned: -Do breath of fire for 1 minute (rapid shallow inhales as quickly as you can). -Kegels with synchronized breathing, drawing energy up the central channel. -Ankh energy at lower dantien -Kegels again, drawing energy up the central channel -Ankh energy at Heart center -Kegels again, drawing energy up the central […]

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Astral Travel – May 26, 2017

Let go of your body… Let go of your body… Let go of your body… …and we’re out. I take a moment to breathe into the environment, allowing my spirit to fully acclimate with the realm surrounding me. To my surprise, there seems to be a lingering presence nearby. Focusing, I see what appears to […]

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Sapo Frog Venom

When it comes to detoxing and holistic remedies, “ordeal medicine” is unique in the way it promotes wellness and health. Within the Amazon rain forest resides a particular frog, which due to its healing properties, is used as a traditional form of medicine by the indigenous people. The Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog, also known by the […]

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Parallel Realities

Video by Aaron Doughty In my experience, the ability to shift realities, or tune-in to parallel universes, comes by breathing into them, and then bringing the energy from there, back into my current reality. For example, in one of the higher realms I’ve gone to, I met a particular entity who’s energy is specifically focused […]

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First Sweat Lodge Experience

  I recently had the opportunity to participate in a sweat lodge, which is a form of prayer held by the Native American Church. This was my first time ever going to a sweat lodge, so I was really excited, and wasn’t sure what to expect. Upon arriving at the location, I was welcomed very […]

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February 17, 2017

At this time, the energy resonating with the people of the Earth is “empowerment”. This is the desire several people are feeling most strongly, and this comes into fruition the more we focus on it. One way to feel this empowerment is to drink of the Earth. I see an image of a person drinking […]

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City-spheres of the Pleiades

  Zooming through space, I honed in on the Pleiades constellation, and flew there at the speed of thought. My intuition led me to go someplace I’d never been, so I decided to pass by the planets I’ve visited previously. I flew toward a star on the outskirts of the constellation, which looked tiny in […]

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Planets inside Neptune

  I took a moment to look at each of my spirit guides. I felt intuitively that I needed to put some distance between myself and my physical body, because being too close makes it harder to astral travel. I went just off planet, into Earth’s orbit. When I focused on one of my guides, […]

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