Be Who You Are

Never forget, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not separate from Source.   There’s nothing wrong with being “out of alignment”. Even being “out of alignment” is just part of our experience as a human being. Even in this state though, we continually are a part of Source consciousness.   You haven’t gone off course. […]

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Becoming unGrounded

I’ve decided to shift my approach as to how I go about using crystals in my spiritual practice. As part of my standard routine, I usually dedicate one chakra to each day of the week, as well as one particular crystal to use, which resonates with each chakra. For example, Wednesday I focus on my […]

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Last night was REALLY good! I was led intuitively to spend the night of the full moon reflecting on memories of my past, and it turned into a very peaceful meditation. I have about 10 or so crystals right now, so I laid them all out in front of me, and held each of them […]

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It’s always difficult to enjoy a movie when you have an overactive mind, haha I went to the movies tonight, and I’ve noticed this happens a lot – it feels like I’m watching myself, watch the movie. It seems like I dis-identify from my emotions so much that every time a thought comes to mind, […]

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If you’ve been trying to astral travel and need a bit of help getting out of body, you HAVE to get Azurite! I usually focus on one particular chakra depending on the day of the week, and I also use a particular crystal that resonates with each chakra. Yesterday I used Azurite, so I went […]

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I’m starting to get back into my weight lifting routine, and today while doing sets of squats, my Kundalini energy actually spoke to me, and helped me process the energy that was flowing through my body. It happened while I was breathing heavy after one of the sets. In my mind I could see my […]

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Celebrate who you are

The key to being in-alignment and discovering your own divinity, is to CELEBRATE who you are. I discovered this today while at a Hare Krishna temple. I’ve had a few encounters with Krishna (the Hindu deity) before, and the main thing he always tells me is – “I am you.” His most prominent message is […]

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