I did my first Peyote ceremony this weekend, and it was absolutely amazing!
Compared to Ayahuasca, the taste is pretty easy to get down, and the ceremony itself is much gentler.
I experienced a lot of internal processing, like emotional healing and inner child work, but it was so gentle it didn’t feel overwhelming at all.
The medicine just lead me to the healing I needed, and walked me through the process like a series of day dreams playing out in my mind. It wasn’t trippy at all like other psychedelics. It was more of an internal “knowing”.
This was done with a Native American Church I was invited to, so there was lots of singing and praying, and afterwards we had a sweat lodge, which felt super refreshing!
I highly recommend trying this if you ever get a chance, it’s an amazing form of Heart medicine.

New Years Ayahuasca Ceremony

I did an Ayahuasca ceremony for New Years.
Here I’ll share a bit of my insights:


About 25 minutes after drinking the brew, I started to feel nauseous.
I used a breathing technique like breath of fire, where I do several rapid breaths, to ease the nausea and prevent myself from purging too quickly.
Every time I do this, the medicine goes much deeper into the brain, because I didn’t throw it up too soon.
It’s interesting when this happens because I could actually see inside my brain, and feel the really deep blockages being released.


I keep a bunch of crystals next to my bed, so I intuitively grabbed one and put it to my third eye.
This is a nice way to communicate with the crystals, and receive whatever insights they carry.
One of the things I saw is that in the astral realm, I do the work of a grim reaper.
I carry souls to the next dimension when they pass away, just like a farmer harvesting crops when they ripen. I harvest souls when they’re ready.
I do this, as well as many other things, in the astral realm when I sleep.


Once the medicine really started to kick in, I actually met Ayahuasca as three different people. They were all feminine spirits, but each one had its own personality.
I had a conversation with each one, and they helped me get to the root of my fears. And then we went even further, to the root of the root, and the root of that, and the root of that, as deeply as I needed to go.
I’m usually afraid to face my fears, but I was surprised at how easy and effortless it was to follow the chord as one continual string.

After about 2 hours I drank a second dose.

I don’t know if this is obvious to most people, but it is incredibly important to take notes before, during, and after every ceremony.
This is not just for Aya, but any other ceremony as well.
It’s become second nature for me to always have pen and paper nearby whenever I do ceremony.
In addition to writing down any important insights, I’ll often receive more, and go even deeper into the insights, if I write it down in a journal.
There’s always part 2, or even part 10 to what you’re receiving, if you write it down or record it in some way.
For some reason that I can’t explain, doing this stimulates a different part of the brain than just thinking about it.
Journaling will help you process everything more deeply.
This has been the case for me, so I suspect it may be the case for many others who haven’t realized it yet.

At one moment during the ceremony, I intuitively started drawing some of the visuals I was seeing.

I also connected with some extra terrestrial entities on another planet.
I learned that often times if two beings are unable to connect (because they’re a different species, or incompatible in some way), they can choose to create an avatar of themselves in another dimension, where they incarnate as the same species so they are able to connect with one another.
This is what you’re seeing in several cases with “soul mates”.
There may be one specific person who is a perfect match to you, because you both chose to incarnate here in order to become partners.
The two beings were unable to connect in their original state, so the two decided to incarnate in another dimension where their energy is more alike, and they could choose to become partners.

This ceremony was actually kind of light, and there were a few moments where it felt like nothing’s happening.
I was reminded during those times that it may take a bit of intentional effort in order to get the ball rolling.
Aya doesn’t always just talk and give you all the answers. I have to actually ask the questions, or use my mind to visualize something, and she will show me more once I produce my own momentum.
This isn’t always the case, but if you ever find yourself stuck, and it seems like nothing’s happening, she may actually be waiting for you to make the first move.
Her voice may be subtle enough that you only perceive it when you shake things up a bit, and allow her light to shimmer.

The Mirrored Reality of an Empty Vessel

How many times have you heard it said that everything you experience is a reflection of yourself?
The thoughts you have about me, are actually a reflection of you.
I’ve been learning this lesson about reality mirroring everything, and I’ve even come to take it one step further.
My understanding now is that each of these mirror truths I see being reflected from someone else, is also an aspect of them, which I’m being asked to hold space for, FOR them.
If I have a hateful thought towards someone, what’s actually happening is that I’m seeing one of the thoughts lingering within THEIR energy field, and I am being asked to hold space for them by seeing it with compassion and unconditional love.
My “thoughts” are actually someone else’s energy being transmuted through my body.
I’ve become an empty vessel, like a radiant crystal, and any thought I have toward you, which seems to be coming from me, is actually your own light being reflected back at you.
I’m holding space.
I’m being asked to accept the thoughts that people refuse to accept about themselves.
By being a clear cognizant channel, like a clear quartz crystal, the purity of my being is drawing out the aspects within other people that are asking for integration.
Its a breakthrough to understand that everyone is a mirror of yourself, but its a whole new breakthrough when you see that my thoughts about a person are actually THEIR OWN suppressed thoughts, asking to be unconditionally loved.
Have you ever met a person, and felt like you just hate them for no reason?
You’re actually seeing THEIR thoughts about themselves, and their soul is asking you to hold space for them with unconditional love (presence).
Be an empty vessel

This “empty vessel” analogy transcends the basic mirror analogy.

When I see the world as a mirror of myself, it simply means that if I’m annoyed by you, there must be an aspect of myself that I am annoyed by.
I never came to terms with, and found acceptance for this annoying aspect of myself, so now I am seeing it mirrored in the people around me.
I’m suppressing and refuse to admit that I’M annoying, so the universe mirrors this aspect of me by allowing me to encounter other people who I think are annoying.

The “empty vessel” understanding though, is that if I find you annoying, its because I’m holding space for this suppressed, unaccepted aspect within you.
I’m feeling it empathically, if you refuse to feel it within yourself.

These two states of consciousness, “mirror” and “empty vessel”, play out simultaneously, but do not contradict one another.

The Sound of Nature

The rhythms of nature are a natural source of binaural beats.
If you ever feel out of tune, you can realign yourself by listening to the music of those who are in harmony with the environment. The plants and animals.
Everyone resounds their own note, but together we each play a part in the symphony of the Earth.

Energy Circulation Technique

A new technique I learned:

-Do breath of fire for 1 minute (rapid shallow inhales as quickly as you can).
-Kegels with synchronized breathing, drawing energy up the central channel.
-Ankh energy at lower dantien

-Kegels again, drawing energy up the central channel
-Ankh energy at Heart center

-Kegels again, drawing energy up the central channel
-Ankh energy at Third Eye pyramid

-Breath of fire for 1 minute
-Do a few deep inhales
-One last deep inhale, hold and flex everything

Be sure to press your tongue to the roof of your mouth while doing this, to complete the energy circuit