Astral Travel – May 26, 2017

Let go of your body…
Let go of your body…
Let go of your body…

…and we’re out.

I take a moment to breathe into the environment, allowing my spirit to fully acclimate with the realm surrounding me.
To my surprise, there seems to be a lingering presence nearby.
Focusing, I see what appears to be a rotating torus, made entirely of rainbow light. This object is about the size of a basketball, and continually hovers throughout the air.


Intuitively, I sense that this is some sort of drone used to collect data.

As it goes in the astral realm, you don’t have to know about something in order to know it.
The knowing comes automatically, which some may call “intuitive insight.”
What I mean by this is that you don’t have to collect data or research evidence in order to learn new information in these higher realms.
You simply learn by asking questions, and the universe will “download” the answers directly into your mind. It takes no effort at all, and will often feel like sudden insight, or like you learned something just by thinking about it with your imagination.

Looking at this drone, I instantly know exactly where it came from.
Far off in the distance, I see a base at the edge of our solar system. I know automatically that the two are connected, so I decide to explore and see what I find.

Flying toward this base, I see that it appears to be a small moon, but the exterior is made entirely of metal.
Floating my way through the surface, I notice the insides radiate with colorful light patterns as well, closely resembling that of the original drone I found.

Breathing in and allowing my mind to settle, I understand that this base acts as a collection center for information throughout our solar system. There seems to be a “file” on human interactions, as well as all things regarding this solar system in general.
Interestingly enough, I don’t feel like this is a malicious government spy device, or used for any ill intent. It feels more like a neutral observer, perhaps from an ET race interested in us, in the same way that some people pursue bird watching as a hobby.


Exploring inside, I eagerly desire to learn more.
I make my way to one of the interior rooms, which seems to be pulsating with streams of iridescent light.
I decide to use the same technique I employ when exploring the Akashic Library, which is to simply ask any question I can think of, and allow the information to “melt into” my brain.
I sit still, waiting for it, but on this occasion I received no new insights.

Who built this?
Where did it come from?
Only time will tell.

As I finish my exploration here, I decide to move on to another part of the Universe much farther away.
It seems that often enough, I find myself going to the same star systems over and over. The Pleiades appear to be a popular hot spot among astral travelers, and I’ll admit I’ve visited some of the planets there more frequently than any other.
This time though, I feel like going someplace new, so I resolve to venture to an area other than our local galactic neighborhood.


Soaring through the cosmos, I go up and out as far as I can.
Zooming out of the galaxy…
Zooming out of the cluster of galaxies…
Zooming out of the cluster of clusters…
I zoom out so far that the universe begins to bend around itself.

I go so far, Earth is beneath the galactic horizon.
I come to a place in the universe that we’re physically unable to see from our vantage point on Earth.

Here, I find a galaxy, I find a solar system, and I find one particular star that catches my attention.
It seems to be as large in comparison to our Sun, as Jupiter is in comparison to our Earth.
It’s pretty big!
(To be honest it’s not really that impressive compared to several other stars, even in our own galaxy, but it’s still really amazing to see (and FEEL!) up close).

I have no clue what type of star it is, but it shines with a beautiful turquoise energy, and orbiting this star are 17 planets.
Honing in on one, I traverse through the atmosphere, and make my way toward the surface.

Upon landing, I’m immediately surrounded by a horde of entities.
They make it very clear that they do not welcome Humans onto their planet.

The way they see it, these entities developed their culture without Human interference, and they’d prefer to keep it that way. Our planets are just too far apart.
Their evolution went down one particular path, because of where they are in the universe, while ours went down a totally different path.
Blending the two would be like mixing hot items from one dinner plate, with cold items that are meant to be kept on a completely separate plate.
They just don’t want their culture being exposed to too much outside influence, other than that of the immediate neighboring star systems.

As I explore, these entities follow and watch my every move.
I decide not to stay here for too long, so I bring this adventure to a close and make my way back to my physical body.


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