February 17, 2017

At this time, the energy resonating with the people of the Earth is “empowerment”.
This is the desire several people are feeling most strongly, and this comes into fruition the more we focus on it.

One way to feel this empowerment is to drink of the Earth.
I see an image of a person drinking water from the Earth’s creeks and rivers.
This is a nourishing food that you can’t find anywhere else.
It fills every cell of your body with living energy, and makes you alive from the inside out.

Breathe deep of the air. It purifies you.

The energy I see so many people grasping for, is “hope”.
We’re looking for something to put our hope in, that will cause us to be at ease and confident about the future.

What I’m hearing from Gaia is, Hope comes from within, as a seed deep in your belly, which brings peace to the Heart.
Hope will literally lower your heart rate.
Spend a moment each day connecting with the Earth, and her calm relaxing heartbeat will soon become your own.

Peace =)


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