Orion Planet 3 in Alnitak A binary System



Today I astral traveled to the Orion constellation.

I started by going out of body, and one of my spirit guides led me to planet Saturn.
She had me fly around the rings of Saturn, and told me to pay attention to the direction they’re spinning. They were moving clockwise, and as I flew in the opposite direction, I was actually causing the rocks and debris to change direction.

My guide wanted to show me that even my astral body has gravity, and it has a greater degree of gravity if I’m powered up from meditation.

I was then led to power down, and let go of the gravity, so these rocks and any other objects would not be affected by my energy.

I started flying through the solar system, and made my way toward Orion’s belt.
I focused on the star I wanted to go to, because I had done some reading about it earlier online. I wanted to go to the left most star (from Earth’s vantage point), which is actually 3 stars, two of which are binary, and the other is locked in a much broader orbit.

I was led intuitively to pass by the binary stars for now, and go to the 3rd because this one is less intense.

I saw that the binary stars had 3 planets orbiting, and the 3rd planet is actually in a weird loop where first it orbits the binary star, but whenever the 3rd star gets close enough, the planet gets caught in its gravity. This makes it so that this planet isn’t locked to any one particular star, but continually moves between the two in a figure 8 pattern, depending on which one’s gravity its locked onto at the moment.

I was led to go to this planet.

I asked for a visual so I could see what it looks like better, and it appeared to be bluish green. It also appears quiet large, like the size of Neptune.

As I made my descent toward the surface, I asked where I should go. I immediately saw an area highlighted in the distance, so I went there.

I was led to an icy mountain peak, where I saw an ET being. He looks similar to Jarjar from Star Wars with a face that drooped down like a camel.
On both sides of the back of his head were two long antennae like things.

My intuition told me to disguise myself so he couldn’t see me.
I put an energy barrier around myself so I’d be invisible. It seemed like he sensed that there was someone nearby at first, but then lost track of me.

I lingered nearby and watched for a moment, and he appeared to be doing some kind of meditation. My guide told me that he’s a “keeper” of the planet, which is like a guardian basically.
It seems that he keeps track of neighboring worlds, and does energy work to keep things in balance. He was doing something energetically, like prayer, as he focused on the nearby planets, and tuning in to the events taking place there.
I even had a sense that planet Earth is within his scope, and he’s well aware of the events we’re going through at this time.
As he moves about his prayer/energy work, I watched as he stepped from one area of the mountain to another, focusing on different nearby stars and planets.


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