City-spheres of the Pleiades



Zooming through space, I honed in on the Pleiades constellation, and flew there at the speed of thought.

My intuition led me to go someplace I’d never been, so I decided to pass by the planets I’ve visited previously.
I flew toward a star on the outskirts of the constellation, which looked tiny in comparison to the others.

This star contained two small planets.
Tuning-in to their energy, one felt very dense and heavy, while the other felt much lighter.
My intuition led me to go to the lighter one.

As I made my approach, I could see that the aura surrounding the planet had an iridescent hue. It looked silvery-white at first, but then changed to pink, and continued changing colors as I got closer and closer.

I flew through the atmosphere and landed on the surface.
The first thing I wanted to do is ground myself with the planets energy. I did so by visualizing roots coming from the soles of my feet, going deep into the ground, and another set of roots coming up from the ground, filling my entire body.
I started breathing in rhythm with the planet, allowing our energy to flow back and forth, when all of a sudden it was as if my entire body melted into the planet itself, and we now became one unified being.
When I was ready, I came to, and started exploring the surface.

As I began surveying the landscape, I noticed that the cities of this planet are contained within energetic spheres.
I approached one, and it seemed as if I needed to dive into the surface of the sphere, which acts as a portal for the city inside.

It’s sort of like hollow Earth. There’s an entire civilization contained on the inside surface of the sphere.
The Pleiadians here design their cities like this because it takes up less space than having one flat city spread across the landscape. It’s more efficient to have each city “rolled up” within the interior of a sphere.

All across the land I saw these city-spheres everywhere, and they actually move about like portable vehicles.

I dove into the surface of the nearest city-sphere, and was instantly transported to the city inside. It was like traveling through a vortex of energy.

The first thing I noticed was the high vibrational intensity of the energy within the city. From the moment I arrived, all I could see was blinding white light until my senses adjusted enough to make out the surroundings.

It appeared that everything in the city was directing its energy toward a single point at the very center.
This point acts as a central Sun, and every city here has their own.
All the living beings, including plants, give their energy to this center point, and in return this central Sun feeds them with energy in order to sustain life.
This shows the value of community and symbiotic living.

I decided to join them, and directed my energy into this central Sun. I was immediately filled with this brilliant energy, and I could feel the connection between all beings around me.

Exploring this city, I came to find a pyramid, which was round like a dome, and small enough to be someones personal home.
There were steps along the outside, so I decided to climb to the top and have a look around.
At the very apex there was a beam of light shooting out, and I could sense that the energy was really intense.
I decided to stick my face into the light, and immediately it was like being blasted with a firehose that removes any impurities from its path.
My entire head was glowing, and it seemed like I just received an energetic bath.

Climbing down the steps, I made my way inside this pyramid.
There was a spiral of energy moving along the inside, and I came to find four people doing a sort of meditation. They invited me in, and I joined them in what seemed like a prayer.
They were chanting something like “OM”, but I wasn’t able to recognize what they were actually saying. It just felt like some sort of healing prayer, and they were sending this energy out to the rest of the planet.
I stayed with them for a moment, and when I was ready to leave they gave me a beverage which helped synchronize the hemispheres of my brain.

After leaving, I decided to go explore a different city-sphere.
Looking at the spheres moving across the landscape, I felt drawn to go to the big one, which is like their main city. This one is actually stationary and does not move across the land. I noticed though, that it has a spiraling energy, and the entire sphere rotates within its own axis.

This one looked a bit different than the others too. The entire city-sphere seemed to be hoisted up on a cathedral-like stadium. There was a beautiful road leading to the entrance, and I could tell this place looked important, like they probably have some kind of grand ceremonies taking place here.

Going inside the cathedral-stadium, someone ran up to me and seemed really excited to see me. They knew who I was immediately, and kept saying that they’re so happy to see me again.
I didn’t consciously remember who they were, but I assumed we may have shared a past life together, or we’ve both been here before.
This person looked sort of like a small elephant, but ran around on two legs, and had energy like a playful child.
She asked if I was going into the vortex (this big city-sphere), and when I said yes, she just told me to have fun.
I got a sense that it must be really intense, and it’s almost like getting on a roller coaster that’s more powerful than you expected.

This entire building looked much more complex than the other city-spheres. With the others, you simply dive in and come out however you please. This one actually had seating around the outside, as if people are looking into it like watching a movie.
There were also people directing anyone who wants to go inside.

I made my way in, and I could immediately feel that this city-sphere had a lot more energy than the previous one. I saw myself going through a vortex, like a wormhole, and when I came out on the other side I appeared inside the city. It was SUPER intense! It was like I went to a totally different place.

Once inside, I started looking around and exploring the city. I immediately noticed that the layout of the city looked like a giant eagle. There were also certain buildings shaped like geometric figures, and I could sense a lot of intense energy radiating from them.

I decided to go to the “heart” building, which is at the center of the eagle layout. I felt immediately though, that as I entered this building, I wasn’t actually able to see what was inside. The energy was so intense, my consciousness instantly separated from my body.
Even though astral travel is already an out-of-body experience, if I go someplace where the energy is too intense for me to handle, my consciousness will actually separate from my light-body. My light-body was still able to move around and go inside the building, but my consciousness, which is like my point-of-view or my “eyes”, just floated far above my actual light-body.

When I stepped into the building, I was not able to see what was actually going on, but it felt like I immediately went into a cleansing process, and there was a lot of high vibrational energy flowing through my body.

Moving on, I went to one of the buildings at the “head” area of the eagle layout. This was actually someones home.
Stepping inside, I found a mirror, and looked directly into it. I thought it was interesting to see my entourage of spirit guides standing around me. They’re always there, even when I’m not specifically focused on them.

I was about to leave, but my guides pointed me toward something on the other side of the room. Hanging from the ceiling, I saw what looked like a quartz crystal, pointed downward. I stood underneath it, and something powerful happened.
I actually don’t remember what actually happened. Apparently it was too high frequency for my human brain to retain.
What I do remember though, is that I felt like I was being sucked into the crystal, and started traveling through a wormhole into another dimension. The next thing I knew I felt like I was about to be sent back to my physical body. I decided against it though, because I wanted to continue my exploration.

Because I did this, going “back”, when the crystal was trying to send me someplace, the energy was disrupted to such a degree that it caused the entire crystal to shatter.
It broke into a million pieces, but I was told not to worry about it because it will fix itself.

I made my way out, and decided to take this route because I wanted to backtrack, and specifically look at the path I took to get here. This makes it easier to remember what I experience when out-of-body, because I feel like I’m mapping out each place that I’ve been to.
I continued backtracking my way out of the city-sphere, and made my way back to my physical body on planet Earth.
Upon returning, I noticed a grey ET with an elongated skull overlooking my body. It was taking notes on me, like some kind of scientific researcher collecting data.


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