Pleiades 3-2

Today during astral travel I decided to go to the Pleiades Constellation.

I was led intuitively to go to the “3rd star”, because there are several, and I sometimes lose track of which ones I’ve visited before.
This particular star appears to have three planets, but I skipped the first one and decided to go to the second instead.

The first planet I came across was orbiting in a weird formation, and it looked like it was stuck between two different stars. It was giving off a weird energy, which felt very confusing.
The second planet seemed to be rotating pretty quickly, and with a lot of forward moving energy, so I decided to go there.

As I came into the planets atmosphere, I got a sense of a bluish green color, which is great for manifestation and creative energy.
I landed in a grassy field, and there was a unicorn waiting for me. I rode on its back, and it immediately brought me up to a portal so I could experience the planet from the 5th dimension.

I started looking around, and decided to check out the nearby body of water.
Under the surface, I swam around and came to an odd looking structure on the sea floor. I found a small window on the front, and inside there was a woman motioning me to come inside.
Exploring the structure a little further, it looked similar to an old submarine, or some kind of submersible vehicle with thick metal walls.

I came to what appeared to be a door, but I was able to pass through it as if it were made entirely of light.
The moment I stepped inside, my consciousness just went through the roof! The vibes in here were so high frequency I could barely stay inside my body. Even though I was already out-of-body, and using my light-body to explore, if the energy is too high when I go someplace, my consciousness will immediately be thrust out, and I’ll have to ground myself in order to get my bearings straight. This happened REALLY powerfully when I went to Mt Shasta in California during an OBE.

I decided to ground my energy by focusing on my connection with the planet. I visualized roots coming out of my feet, going into the core of the planet itself. I also visualized the planets own roots coming into my body, and we then did an energy exchange by simply breathing in a synchronized motion. I breathed in the planets energy, and I allowed the planet to breathe in my energy. This helped my energy settle down, so my consciousness was no longer flying upward.

The woman I met nearby told me that this structure is a research station. She then led me down the hall, which opened up into an underwater garden. It reminded me of Sandy’s treedome on the TV show “Spongebob”. It was an entire dome structure with an atmosphere and its own ecosystem.
As soon as I stepped into the dome area, I felt my vibration go through the roof again, and my consciousness immediately shot out of my body. The energy is SO high in here it’s ridiculous!
I took a moment to ground myself again, and settled back into my body.

I started exploring the area, and noticed an amazingly beautiful tree at the center. It appeared as if the tree itself was made of glowing energy, and didn’t seem to be a solid object.
I was told by the woman that it’s a miniature Tree of Life, which she obtained seeds from on another planet.
I ate one of the fruit, and it caused my consciousness to expand outward. It looked like I became two of myself, and I immediately became more self-aware.
This fruit was so powerful I only ate one bite and I was done.

Next, I started exploring a bit and noticed there are different creatures here from all over the galaxy. This research area is sort of an ecosystem designed to see how different species will interact with one another.
I came to one area where different species of humans exist. There was one woman I met who said she’s a demonic, malevolent being, and she’ll take advantage of people any opportunity she gets. She was here learning to experience “love”, because it’s not something her species is used to.

I was then shown another species of human who are actually as tiny as ants. I shrunk down to their size and started talking among them.
It looked like they were doing some deep breathing techniques, and when I asked about it they said they’re converting CO2 in Oxygen. It was weird though because it looked like they were breathing water, like there were actually water droplets coming out of them every time they exhale.

I then went into one of their living spaces, which is tunneled underground.
Inside, they showed me that their home is actually a space ship. It was very unique looking, like a mix between a flying saucer and a Jellyfish. The ship itself is actually a living creature.
It touched me with one of its tentacles, and immediately I was transported back to my physical body.



One thought on “Pleiades 3-2

  1. So awesome andre!!! Love your out of body stories…..I need to make some time to have some of my own, Its been a while and never got that practiced at it!! Most of mine were with the help of shrooms/ayahusasca and have had a small amount just through meditation! I love when you got on the unicorn and it took you too the 5th dimensional perspective, I literally laughed out loud and had a biggo smile on!! Much love dude keep it up!


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