The Essence of who we are

One thing I find interesting about going out of body, is that even when I tune-in to my Higher Self, I feel like I don’t actually identify AS my Higher Self.
It seems more like the “me” who is going to these other dimensions and viewing these higher aspects, is actually sort of overlooking each of these higher aspects from an outside perspective.
Even though I see my physical 3d life as a “day dream” of my Higher Self, when I focus on seeing my Higher Self I feel like I don’t actually embody this being completely, but I instead hover next to it from and outside observer perspective.
It seems that I’m actually a point of consciousness, observing whichever form it chooses to inhabit.
No matter how far out I go, seeing each aspect of my Higher Self like layers within an onion, or a dream within a dream within a dream, it seems that I never actually identify as BEING any of these aspects.
Even in regard to collective consciousness as well, it seems that the true “me” isn’t actually a part of it, and I’m simply observing it from an outside perspective.
I am the consciousness, observing the “form”.
In the same way that my physical body is a sort of “shell” which my consciousness resides in, so also is the universe, and all “collective consciousness” a sort of shell which the true Essence resides in.
I haven’t completely realized what “I” actually am, but I suspect that it’s something far beyond consciousness, or awareness.
The true “I” is perhaps actually the void space, which is the unfathomable space of non-existence.
As science says, 99% of atoms are empty space.
It is perhaps this void space that is the true essence of who we are.
Everything surrounding it which we use to identify as “I” or “you”, is merely a decorative illusion.
The true essence of who we are is a state of non-existence.

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