Lost Civilizations of Inner Earth

One of my friends, Gigi, led me on an astral adventure to Inner Earth.
We came to a huge waterfall, larger than Niagara Falls, where we dove into the water and explored to see what lies underneath.

Underwater, swimming in the astral realm is a bit different than doing so in 3d.
While out-of-body, I can’t seem to “push” myself through the water like I would if I were physically there. I’ve learned from previous experience that in order to swim here, I have to let my consciousness merge with the water itself, and then I can flow through it without resistance.

After exploring a bit, we saw something that resembled a giant button, like an “on” switch underwater, but it was as large as my entire body.

We decided to press the button inward to see what it does, and all of a sudden there appeared to be a glowing mandala projecting from it.
It only stayed lit for a few seconds, and then vanished.
I intuitively knew that whenever we push this button, we needed to also hit an “ignition switch” before the mandala disappeared, but we had no idea how, or where to look.


Continuing to explore the area a bit more, it seems this entire structure came from an ancient civilization.
Even in Inner Earth, the environment changes, and there are lost civilizations that the current people know nothing about.
Not everyone is completely enlightened or knows everything about the universe, and that’s okay.

Next, I was intuitively shown that there are two other mandala buttons nearby, which were hidden at first because they’re buried under rock.
We hit the first one again, and this time after pressing the other two, the entire structure “came on” and started to open up.

This entire structure looked like a mountain at first, with a peak protruding above the surface of the water.
After activating these “Mandala Buttons” though, the entire peak opened up, and coming from inside were several holographic mandalas being projected on the the surrounding landscape.

Apparently it was showing us a map of different sacred sites across the Earth, which is where temples or some sort of spiritually significant structure resides. These are all similar to the vortex points on the surface.

It was interesting to look at, but I was told not to go to any of these locations right now because there are people living there who have no idea about the structure beneath them.
They’ve become ruins now from an ancient civilization, and not everyone here even knows that they exist.


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