Travel by Fire


As I lie in bed, concentrating on my energy meridians, I was surprised to hear my spirit guide say to me, “Why would you want to hide your brightness?”

Often times when I go out-of-body, I feel led intuitively to tone down my energy.
Not everyone in the universe knows EVERYTHING just because they’re an ET race.
It may astonish some people to hear this, but there are actually a vast number of extra terrestrials who would be just as shocked to see a human, as any humans would be to see an ET.

All throughout this galaxy, as well as many other galaxies, you’ll find entire civilizations of people who go about their lives with no concern for space travel, or anything connected with higher dimensions.
They simply live out their lives in whatever state of consciousness they happen to be in, so experiencing out-of-body phenomenon may be just as amazing to them as it seems to be for most humans.

Because of this, I have often been led to tone down my brightness when I travel to other planets where the people are not too familiar with humans.

There seems to be a list of top 10 ET races who interact with humanity on a regular basis, but outside of that, there are BILLIONS of other stars and planets out there.
Not everyone is as transcendental as you’d think, and not everyone knows all there is to know about the entire universe.
In order to prevent too much shock and awe, I often find myself cloaking or veiling my true identity, so I’m able to explore other cultures without causing too big of a scene.

Today though, I decided to forgo the veil, and explore the astrals in nothing but my own light body.

As always, I followed my intuition, and this time I was led toward a planet just across the Galaxy from where Earth is located.
Apparently the planet I came to doesn’t have its own star, nor does it need one, because the planet itself emits its own light.
It’s very similar to that of a Brown Dwarf Star, which is known by scientists to be a type of star which has surface temperatures cool enough to resemble a planet.
It’s still classified as a star though, in the sense that it emits energy and light.

As I made my approach, I was told not to go to this planet without being invited.
I decided to hitch a ride with one of the nearby beings traveling in the same direction, and they were nice enough to give me a quick briefing before we touched down.

He told me that on this planet, the beings are not so focused on whether something is “right” or “wrong”. They are simply “aware” of what is.
There is no attachment to one perspective being more valid than another. They are more in a state of being present with whatever the experience is, with no judgment of whether it’s “right” or “wrong”.

After landing, it looked like there was a cloud of smoke coming from our ship, like when a person opens a door really dramatically, and is surrounded by mist as they come into appearance.

I didn’t understand what was happening at first, but then I realized we were traveling by FIRE!
Fire itself is the “ship” we were using to travel, so when we landed, it appeared as though we came out of a cloud of smoke.

I instantly realized this may have happened because I actually had a candle lit in my room while I was meditating.
Something I’ve learned about spirituality is that you can actually create an easy portal to higher realms just by having a candle or incense lit. I’m not sure how it works, but somehow spirits are able to pass through that point of ignition, so I’ll often see an increase in spirit interactions when I light candles or incense during meditation.

I think this is also why I was told not to go to this planet without being invited.
It’s not that I’m not “allowed” to go there without an escort, but rather, the person I hitched a ride from is literally the only way to get into the vibrational frequency of where this planet resides.
The fire itself, which I thought of as a “ship” was the actual doorway which allowed me to enter this planet.

After landing, I was told not to follow the guy who brought me here. He flew off really fast, so I just started exploring on my own.

As I settled in and started to explore the environment, I suddenly had a sense that I was being ejected off of the planet.
I was immediately told though, that I’m simply entraining with the planets energy field.
I saw my consciousness loop up and around the planet, as if I were becoming one with its electromagnetic field.
Once I settled in, I felt much more grounded, and I realized the planet itself is actually a giant crystal!

It was the craziest thing ever, but the physical planet is actually made of crystal, and I could see multiple layers overlapping, which were etheric grids created by the crystal. Each layer is like an entire planet in itself, and depending on what frequency you vibrate at, you can go to whichever “planet” you like.

After exploring for a bit, I came to find a person with pointed ears and light blue skin.
There was an iridescent glow radiating from his body, and he spoke to me telepathically.

He asked me what I would like for my birthday.
I started imagining different scenarios I wanted to manifest, but overall he could sense that all I really wanted is to be happy, so that’s what I would receive.

He explained that his species has evolved beyond wanting happiness in the way that humans do.
They can pursue happiness, but it isn’t because they’re trying to avoid unhappiness. They pursue happiness simply because they’re curious about that experience.
They pursue any experience, simply for the sake of having the experience.
You can experience pain and discomfort, but you don’t have to “enjoy” it. You simply experience it, because the experience itself is interesting.

Humans are more prone to pursue something, because we think we’ll enjoy it. It’s outside of our nature to pursue experience purely for the experience itself.
It’s understandable that most people would have no desire to pursue something that they know would feel painful or uncomfortable, and would rather pursue something that they know would make them happy.

This is human nature, but some beings have moved beyond this, and instead know how to live with a mindset of pure experience, so they no longer feel the drive to pursue one thing because they’re wanting to avoid something else. They instead choose to pursue whatever they desire, simply because the experience itself is interesting.
No experience is better or worse than any other.

This being understood that as a human being, I still want to be happy, so that’s exactly what he gave me.
He prompted me to say “Thank you for happiness”, as he put a flame of “joy” into my body.
I then breathed it into my physical body, and it felt REALLY good!


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