Alpha Centauri Visit


Today I decided to visit Alpha Centauri, so with a quick shift in consciousness I traveled through space to this not-so-distant neighboring star.

Astral travel is instantaneous, so the moment I think “Alpha Centauri” I’m instantly there.
I appeared inside the actual star (which can act as a portal), but quickly exited and made my way toward one of the nearby planets.
I saw a couple of prospects directly in front of me, but my intuition guided me toward the “Big Planet”, so I bypassed the two smaller ones, and made my way toward the third.

As I made my approach, I noticed that most of the planet looked pretty industrialized. There was a certain metallic look as I got closer to the cities, and I had a sense that there is a lot of highly advanced technology in this civilization.

I was led into an entrance gate in order to go through the atmosphere, and from here I could see a path leading inside the planet, as well as a path leading to the surface.
I felt intuitively that I should explore the surface this time, so I followed my heart and was led through the corridors of the city.

I was directed toward one particular building, which had a bit of a balcony on the upper level that caught my eye (or, perhaps third eye, hehe).
As I landed, I was greeted by a being who slightly resembled Yoda, but happened to have light brown skin.
I could sense that he has a vast wealth of knowledge, and knows a lot more than he’s letting on.

He led me into the nearby building, which looked quite sophisticated and technologically advanced.
As soon as the doors closed behind me, I instantly saw myself in outer space. It was as if this room is its own cosmos, and being in here is a secure location which is cut off from the outside world, almost like a closed circuit television.

Standing here, this being stood in front of me, and looked INTO me.
I instantly saw myself as a Triceratops, which completely baffled my mind!

Somehow, I telepathically knew that he was looking into my ancestry lineage, and he was actually able to see the DNA lineage of my human race.
I didn’t want to believe it at first, but he revealed to me that humans actually evolved from dinosaurs. I literally saw this in my DNA right in front of me, and there was no way for me to deny what I was looking at.

It was mind blowing to say the least, so I thanked him for what he showed me, and quickly made my way back to my physical body.
Human beings may have evolved from primates in the recent past, but long before then, dinosaurs were our true ancestors.


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