A Human is a Temple for multiple streams of consciousness

You are not one person. A human being is actually a conglomerate of many different entities.

In the same way that all of your organs work together in order to make your body whole, so also do all of your spirit guides work together to create the being which you call by your name.

Your human form is nothing more than a “temple”, which houses a collection of different spirits. Every thought you think, and every action you take, is actually the collective consensus of ALL the beings which reside in you.

When you experience conflicting thoughts, what’s actually happening is nothing more than an argument between one spirit guide and another. The final decision you make, or the final action you take, is the CONCLUSION to the conversation they were just having.
This happens so quickly in split seconds that it feels like you’re the one thinking your thoughts for you, but in reality every thought you experience is nothing more than the collective conclusion of the input from ALL your spirit guides.

People often wonder, how do I get in contact with my spirit guides? Listen to your thoughts! They ARE your spirit guides, blended together as one collective voice.
Pay attention to what you’re thinking about, and ask yourself WHY am I thinking about this. Trace your thoughts to the root, and notice how it feels emotionally every time you experience a crossroads, or junction between conflicting ideas.

This is where your spirit guides reveal themselves to you. Each one has their own unique voice, which you could think of like a feeling signature, so pay attention to the individual “flavor” that each of your thoughts carry.
When you do, you’ll soon realize that everything you think and everything about who you are, is nothing more than a conglomerate of every entity who resides IN you.

You are not one person. You are a collection of beings, who collectively form the person that you call by your name.

This is what people are actually experiencing when they have multiple personality “disorder”. They’ve just become self-aware enough to recognize the different aspects of their psyche, but it becomes a problem when they start identifying with one more than the others because they’re now personifying each of the aspects individually, instead of as one collective body like most people do.


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