Candles and Incense


I’ve recently learned how powerful FIRE can be in working with the spirit realm.
Whether using a candle flame, or the smoldering tip of an incense or sage, any type of “burn” creates an open portal between this realm and the higher realms.

It’s been multiple occasions now that I’ve experienced having a new spirit visit me during meditation, simply because of the fact that I had a candle or incense lit. They see the flame as an open doorway, which allows them to connect with this realm more easily.

Just to quell any fears though, you don’t have to worry about any “negative” entities visiting you, because only those which are already a vibrational match to the energy YOU give off, will even be able to share the same space with you.
If you embody nothing but love and light, the only thing you’ll attract into your reality is more love and light. “Demons” and low vibe entities won’t even be attracted to you ^_^


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