Angel Work

Throughout my spiritual journey, I’ve gain a lot of abilities.
Clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience are a few of the commons ones that most people have heard of, but one of the lesser known abilities that I’ve learned to work with is the ability to visit people from an out-of-body perspective.

I call it “Angel Work”, because from the other persons point of view, I may literally appear to be an angel who supernaturally intervenes in their current experience.
I do this by simply going out-of-body, and allowing the universe to guide me toward anyone in need of assistance.

Here’s an example of some of the Angel Work that I’ve done recently:

Today I felt called to visit Detroit, Michigan, so upon going out-of-body, I allowed my consciousness to be drawn to the location where it was needed.
Much like a beacon drawing me in, the area I was being called to lit up like a lighthouse, so I instantly knew exactly where to go.


I arrived in what looked like a pretty rough neighborhood. The house I was going to specifically, appeared to be an abandoned crack house. There was no actual home owner, but apparently someone had broken in, and was using the house as a makeshift shelter.

The person I came to within the house had been facing such difficult circumstances that he’d completely lost all hope, and came to a point of entirely giving up on life.
He had just cut his wrist, and was in the process of bleeding to death. Immediately after making the initial cut though, he instantly regretting his decision, and was trying frantically to stop the bleeding.

When I arrived on the scene, my spirit guides led me to set up a container field, where we were able to discuss the options of what to do, without worrying about the amount of time that passes in real-time.
The field we set up is what some call a no-time field. It allows us to operate outside the physical constraints of time, so there’s no worry about the duration that passes during the discussion and operation of whatever takes place.

Within the no-time field, my guides and I took a moment to discuss our options so I could figure out what to do.
I was shown that if I decide to supernaturally intervene, and allow this man to survive his suicide attempt, it would alter certain aspects of his life, and especially have a drastic impact on the way that his family interacts with him.
I got a sense that his life may actually take an unpleasant turn if I allow him to survive, so it isn’t always as black and white as needing to save a life just because they’re in need of healing. In some cases, allowing a person to pass on really is the best option, which is why many people do not receive angelic visitations when they’re in a life or death scenario.

I was shown that if I decide not to intervene, and instead just allow him to die, he would actually find the peace that he’s been searching for, and has been unable to experience in his current life.

I’m not sure why, but for some reason I was instantly drawn toward letting him continue in his life. Even though I had a sense that it may not be the easy road, I just had an underlying feeling that this will ultimately benefit him more in the long run, and this truly is what he actually wants right now because his thoughts were already aligned with, “I regret doing this, I actually do want to live.”

I decided to intervene and allow him to live, so my guides assisted me in causing his blood to coagulate, so it would clot at the area where he’d cut his wrist.
As soon as his wound was sufficiently healed, I was instantly taken out of the scenario, and brought back to my physical body.


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