How to have an Out-of-Body experience

In order to have an out-of-body experience, all you have to do is use your imagination.
What you experience out-of-body may be interpreted through your intuition as a “day dream”.
Start by meditating quietly, and once you’re completely relaxed, use your imagination to visualize yourself floating out of your body.
Get a visual in your mind of how your physical body looks from an outside perspective, and now you’re free to explore where ever you like.
Don’t worry so much about whether or not it’s “real”.
Have no attachment to what you’re seeing, and just consider everything you experience to be a valid experience.
Once you get comfortable being out-of-body, ask your spirit guides, or guardian angels to come forward and introduce themselves to you.
Take note of anything you experience, even if it starts as just a tingle up your spine, or a warm sensation on your hands. Play along with it, and don’t think that it’s just the air conditioner. Have no attachment to whether or not it’s “real”.
Once you start meeting your guides and exploring more out-of-body, you’ll gain so much wisdom it will become laughable to even worry about whether or not it’s “real”.
Practice meditation every day, and the states of consciousness beyond the 3rd dimension will start to become just as real as the physical world.

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