The Flower of Life, Creation Pattern of Our Universe


As many of you know, the Flower of Life, as well as Metatron’s Cube and the geometric figures that come out of it, are the creation pattern of our universe.
Everything in our physical reality is manifested from this basic pattern. (Google search the flower of life to learn more).

What many people don’t realize though, is that the Flower of Life is only the creation pattern for THIS universe. There are many other universes, which each have their own unique creation pattern.

Learning about Sacred Geometry is great, but don’t consider it to be the end all of universal knowledge. Doing so, in a way, can “lock” you into this one reality, because this one system becomes a sort of lens through which you view the world around you.
As long as you’re viewing reality through this one perspective, you shut yourself off from understanding other perspectives.
The Flower of Life, and everything created from it, become the one reality that you’re able to perceive.

The truth is, if you want to raise your consciousness to understanding the higher realms of existence, you very well may need to drop everything you “know” about THIS reality, because what we experience as truth here becomes completely obsolete when you step into a different perspective.
Absolute “truth” loses its meaning when you switch perspectives.

This universe has one particular mode of operation, and each of the other universes has a completely different mode of operation.
Learning to step outside of this one modality is key to embodying higher consciousness.
Be fluid, and understand that what works for you today, may become completely obsolete tomorrow.


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