Astral Travel to Andromeda



I’ve been wanting to broaden my horizons in regard to cosmic explorations, so today I decided to journey to Andromeda.

Since this was my first time going to this galaxy, I slowly made my approach, and took a moment to “map out” the area in order to find interesting areas to explore.
As I surveyed the landscape, floating just outside the Galaxy, I intuitively began to see highlighted areas where intelligent civilizations had formed. There were TONS of highlights on my radar, but the one that stood out the most to me was located just outside the rim of the black hole in the center. There’s an area here with several star systems, which could be considered like a populated “city” within the galaxy.

I made my way toward this star region, and was led intuitively to go to one particular star. As I approached more closely, I began to see a couple of planets orbiting the star.
There were two gas giants, as well as one solid, much smaller planet.

I decided to go to explore the gas giants, and the one I chose particularly looked greenish teal in color.
As I lingered just outside the planet for a moment, I suddenly sensed an entity approach from nearby. This being actually tried to attack me with some kind of ray gun, but I immediately dodged it, and teleported right behind him.
I felt like I probably shouldn’t blast him with my energy, and I got a sense that he’s just like a kid shooting birds with his bb gun, so I just decided to leave and not waste my time on him.

I teleported to the other side of the planet, and made my way to the surface.
As it’s been my experience with other gas giants, there is actually a solid core “planet” underneath the surface of the gas. I found the same to be true here, and after diving into the surface, I made my way toward the core, where the actual solid planet resides.
I intuitively had a sense that it’s about twice the size of Earth.

As I made my way to the surface, I seemed to have a bit of a hard time “landing”. I felt like I really needed to let my consciousness settle in, so I took a moment to ground my energy with that of the planet.
After doing so, it was a bit easier to explore without feeling like I’m about to float into outer space.

I started looking around, and found a chain of islands that looked inviting. While making my way toward them, I felt very strongly my spirit guides warning me NOT to attack anyone here.
I found my way onto one of the islands, which seemed to have a mountain, cliff area, as well as a beach, which I spent a few minutes walking along.
As I made my approach, I got a sense that there’s something very powerful at the top of this mountain, like some kind of monster, or just a really powerful entity, and I need to be careful.

I found a cave entrance at the base of the mountain, and made my way inside.
Here, there were two directions to go, left or right. My intuition guided me left, so that’s where I went.
I made my way into a large open room, but was immediately teleported to the top of the mountain.

At the top, it reminded me of the scene with Pai Mei on the movie Kill Bill, as there was this old guru on the top of this mountain. I had a sense that he is very powerful.
I was surprised at first that he looked human, but then he told me, “not quite”, and revealed that he has a tail, which resembles a Tiger’s.

We then proceeded to have a conversation just by reading each others energy field. I focused on the energy field surrounding my body, and as my field overlapped with his, we emotionally exchanged information. I was able to see into his life, and he was able to see into mine.
I got a sense that he kills a lot of people who come here, but I don’t need to worry about it as long as I stay on his good side. He also showed me that he collects butterflies because he likes the way they smell. There was an entire jungle nearby full of butterflies.

I also noticed that his energy field looks MUCH more complex than mine. I don’t know how to explain it, but it seems like he has at least two or three times as many energy meridians than me, so I could see his aura had a very complex pattern in it. He’s probably much more enlightened, and much more powerful than even the greatest of humans.

When I was done meeting him, I wanted to continue exploring, so I went off to one of the other islands.
I noticed a bright column of light in the distance, so I made my way toward it to see what it was.

When I was close enough to see what was going on, I suddenly got a sense that it’s some kind of sports stadium, similar to the Olympic games.
At first I thought this was just my imagination, because the Olympics are happening on Earth right now, so I’m probably just making this up, but as I kept getting closer had an even greater sense that it really is some sort of sports stadium. It looked like the people inside were floating in a bubble of liquid, playing a game, but I have no idea how it worked.


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