Crystalline DNA


This is an exciting time in Human history. We as a species are beginning to transition from carbon based lifeforms, to crystalline based.

What this means is that we have reached a place in our evolution where we are starting to activate what scientists refer to as “junk DNA”.
The truth is, these dormant aspects of the DNA are not “junk” at all, as they’re actually essential to reaching higher states of consciousness.

I saw this in a vision over a year ago during meditation. I literally witnessed my DNA begin to awaken these dormant aspects, and what used to be a double-helix, now became a 3-strand, crystalline structure.

Once you receive this upgrade, you’re going to start experiencing a MASSIVE awakening in extra-sensory awareness. You’ll begin to think that having only five senses is some kind of primitive joke! Out-of-body experience is going to be as mundane as brushing your teeth in the morning.

Some of us are already feeling symptoms of this. Don’t worry, you aren’t going crazy, you’re just having an awakening.
It may feel like a painful process at first, but these are just the labor pains, like a mother delivering a child.
Everything will be okay in the end. I promise!

As we transition through this time, be sure to remember who you are.
More than what your job says about you. More than what your national origin says about you.
We’re all humans living on the same planet. We’re all family. The differences between us are smaller than you think.
Your life matters, and you really are making a difference in the world. You’re here for a reason, and you’re just as important as anyone else.

The world isn’t turning upside down, you’re just having your vision corrected.
Once we step into this new paradigm, you’ll understand completely why it happened in the way that it did.
It will all make sense in the end.



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