You don’t always have to feel an emotional trigger in order to do inner shadow work.

I’m starting to learn that diving into emotional processing can be just as much of an enjoyable experience as any other modality of healing.

It’s become a part of my daily morning practice to just sit for a moment, and ask myself what emotions I’m feeling in my body. Focus on how these emotions physically feel, and ask myself, “When was the first time I felt this way.”

Every time I do this, I pull up hidden memories from my childhood that I’d forgotten were even there.
What’s fascinating though is that not every suppressed memory has to come from a negative experience. More and more often I’m finding that I have just as many positive buried memories, as I do negative ones.

Shadow work isn’t always about healing suppressed trauma. Most of the time it’s a good opportunity to re-equate yourself with precious moments from your childhood which have became the foundation for who you are today.
It’s always good to remember, and using shadow work in this way is an easy method to remind yourself of what you didn’t even know you COULD remember.

You can literally remember ANYTHING from your childhood, even as far back as the moment you were born. It’s all just a matter of tuning in to those unconscious memories by allowing your emotions to connect you with your subconscious mind.

Allowing this to become a part of your daily routine is a powerful way of integrating, and reconnecting with those hidden aspects of yourself, which allows the un-conscious to become conscious.


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