Astral Travel to Andromeda

  I’ve been wanting to broaden my horizons in regard to cosmic explorations, so today I decided to journey to Andromeda. Since this was my first time going to this galaxy, I slowly made my approach, and took a moment to “map out” the area in order to find interesting areas to explore. As I […]

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The only thing that creates reality, is the fact that you’re experiencing it. Without you experiencing it, nothing actually exists. -An experience I had with the Pleiadians 163

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You don’t always have to feel an emotional trigger in order to do inner shadow work. I’m starting to learn that diving into emotional processing can be just as much of an enjoyable experience as any other modality of healing. It’s become a part of my daily morning practice to just sit for a moment, […]

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Crystalline DNA

This is an exciting time in Human history. We as a species are beginning to transition from carbon based lifeforms, to crystalline based. What this means is that we have reached a place in our evolution where we are starting to activate what scientists refer to as “junk DNA”. The truth is, these dormant aspects […]

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