Spiritual Alignment

Sometimes you may need to come out-of-alignment, in order to truly come into alignment.

Think of it like a Rubik’s cube. There are times when, in order to align the faces in the correct pattern, you will have a brief moment where you dis-organize the faces, in order to set up the correct position to re-organize the faces.

Just because you go out of order, doesn’t mean things won’t be put back IN order.
Things will often fall out of place, in order for the bigger picture to fall INTO place.

In the spiritual community, there is a concept I’ve learned, which is that in order to be in-alignment with your Higher Self, the number one priority in your life needs to be to follow your emotional guidance system. Listen to your inner voice, and don’t force yourself to do anything that doesn’t sit comfortably with your emotions.

For many, this means that after you have a spiritual awakening, you may have a sudden urge to quit your job, because your emotional guidance system tells you that it isn’t right for you to continue working there.
Several of us have even gone so far as to become homeless, because the life you were previously living was literally killing you.

The idea here is that in order to be in-alignment and live true to yourself as a conscious individual, it is now mandatory to remove anything from your life that prevents you from fulfilling this endeavor.

What if I were to tell you though, that being “conscious” has nothing to do with being in-alignment 24/7?
What if, in some cases, allowing yourself to live out-of-tune, actually positions you to come back into tune?

You don’t always have to quit your job and “find yourself” in order to live a conscious life.
For many of us, continuing to work at a “soul crushing” job, may literally be the only viable option right now. As much as you’d like to live a transcendental life, the reality is that you have bills to pay and a family to take care of.

It’s not always practical to live like a monk, and neither are you expected to just because you went on a shamanic journey.
You’re still human.

What it really means to live a conscious life, is to honor where you are right now, where ever you so happen to be.
You may feel that you’re “supposed” to quit your job, but the honest truth is that you may be too afraid and don’t know how to take a leap of faith like that.
That’s okay, no one expects you to become a guru just because you started on the path of awakening.
It takes time, and the true reality here is that often times the most self-loving thing you can do is to honor your emotion right where you are.

Taking a leap of faith that you’re not ready for is completely cruel to your Inner Child, and treating yourself this way causes just as much damage as what you’re trying to avoid.

Sometimes, the most consciously in-tune way to live, is to honor yourself just as much when you’re out-of-tune.
It’s not so much about living a perfect life, but rather, finding the perfection in allowing yourself to be right where you are.

This IS spiritual alignment, and the moment you learn to honor where you are right now, is the moment you free yourself from the burden of needing to be anyone other than you.

You are perfect just the way you are, and no amount of increased higher vibration will ever change that about you.


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