Everything is Equal

Every aspect of creation is equally valuable.
What’s really amazing to me is that lately I’ve discovered new aspects of my Higher Self, which actually resemble creatures most people would consider to be “lower” than humans.
In my experience, everything is part of something greater.
Your cells are part of your body. Rocks and trees make up the Earth. Billions of planets and stars make up our galaxy.
Our entire universe is actually only one, among many universes, that make up the body of a much larger organism.
The higher realms of existence are intrinsically made of the “lower” realms.
What I’ve seen recently though, is that certain aspects of my Higher Self, resemble what seem to be insect-like creatures in the higher realms.
This can be humbling in many ways.
It’s easy for people to say that their spirit animal is a Lion or a Bear, or any type of strong noble creature that tears shit up for a living, but what about having a grasshopper or an ant as your animal guide?
Why do humans HAVE to be at the “top” of the food chain, and only give recognition to other alpha predators?
Why can’t a worm or a skunk hold a place of honor in your life? They’re all part of the animal kingdom too, and each one holds an important place in the family of Mother Earth.
In my recent out-of-body journeys, what I’ve been seeing is that several of my Higher aspects actually ARE some of these less popular entities.
What many people may consider to be “pests” or “vermin” by human standards, are actually beings of higher consciousness when seen from an out-of-body perspective.
The “least of these” truly are the greatest.
We may consider ourselves to be “higher” than many forms of life on this planet, but the Universe turns this into a big cosmic joke by making humans look like bacteria in comparison to many other forms of life throughout the cosmos.
There truly is no hierarchy.
A roach is not “less” than you, and neither is your dog.
Every form of life is equally important.
Understanding life from this perspective truly is an eye opening experience. It allows you to see that your value as a person comes not from how much more you’re able to accomplish compared to those around you, but rather by knowing that your role as a human being is only one of countless equally meaningful aspects in the evolution of our planet.
Everything has value, and there’s not a single aspect of creation that should ever be regarded as inferior.
You are a part of creation, just as much as creation is a part of you, and every aspect of this existence is equally valuable.

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