Being “conscious”, in many regards, means to actually embrace how unconscious I really am.
It seems that for many people in the spiritual field, being conscious has become the new replacement for “righteousness”, and it’s ruining their life.
The idea that there is a certain “conscious” way to live, and if you don’t meet that standard of peace and love in every aspect of your life, you aren’t hippy enough, or you’re somehow lacking in spiritual advancement, is preposterous!
There actually comes a point where the pursuit of consciousness is the very thing keeping you from being conscious. Or you could even say that the pursuit of HAPPINESS is what’s really keeping you from being happy.
That is the reality many people are struggling with, and the truth is, it’s okay to let yourself be human. It doesn’t make you any more noble to force an impossibly high standard of success on yourself. In many cases, it may surprise you to know that the most “conscious” choice you can make, is to simply do what’s right for you, even if it seems to be the “un-enlightened” decision.
Enlightenment has nothing to do with denying yourself or being righteous. If anything, the most advanced decision you can possibly make, is to always be self-loving. Doing so doesn’t always look like “righteousness” though. More often than not, it’s actually more along the lines of what some would call lazy, selfish, or improper.
The moral values we’ve been taught through social conditioning do not necessarily reflect universal truth.
What’s right for you may actually seem just the opposite when you’ve been taught against self-love.
Honor yourself. Do what’s right for you, even if no one else understands it, or thinks that it isn’t “conscious” enough.
This could mean that if you just aren’t into yoga and meditation right now, it would actually be more beneficial for you to do something you honestly enjoy, rather than forcing yourself into what you think you have to do, in order to be conscious.
Honor yourself right where you are.
Eat what you enjoy, not what the guru says will make you a better person. Many people are not ready to become vegan, and that’s okay.
What truly makes you conscious, is being willing to honor your emotions right where you are. Be completely honest with yourself, and be real about how you feel.
That is conscious living, not living how someone else tells you that you’re “supposed” to.
Be yourself, it’s the highest good you can do for the world =)

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