Sometimes when you hear another persons thoughts, it may actually be their Higher Self that you’re communicating with, and their physical self isn’t consciously aware of what’s going on.
Use discernment when you’re holding space for other people. Not everything needs to be talked about out loud.
The healing process is more of a FEELING process.
Unconditional love is felt more than it’s heard.

The lesson doesn’t end just because the ceremony is over (in regard to using plant medicine).
The true breakthrough comes when you integrate your journey with the minutia of daily living.

Before enlightenment – wash the dishes, and go to work.
After enlightenment – wash the dishes, and go to work.

Learn to be conscious in the mundane and you’ll find that the breakthrough you’re looking for is more of a continual process, not an enlightened retirement that prevents you from living.

Every moment, no matter how seemingly ordinary, is always the expansion of your highest state of consciousness.
Where you are right now, is the progression of your most enlightened state.

I just channeled Socrates:

“The art of philosophy, is to continually ask “why”.

Consider it as if you know nothing.
No matter how much information or “truth” you gain, you can never be certain that it’s absolutely correct.
Never stop asking “why”.

This is philosophy.”

Portrait Herm of

If you’re wanting to learn Sacred Geometry (the creation pattern of our universe) it’s important that you go out-of-body and experience the information first hand.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and you aren’t going to understand the nature of our reality just by reading it in a book.
Words are only a shadow of the truth.220px-Metatrons_cube.svg

Don’t let your “strength” be determined by how well you suppress your emotions. Be real with yourself, even when it looks like weakness.
THAT is true strength.

Be compassionate to people who haven’t learned what you’ve learned.
When you meet someone who seems unloving, THAT is your opportunity to give them the love they’ve never received.