JP Sears

Holistic festival

I had the honor of meeting JP Sears at the Holistic Life Festival this weekend, and he truly is an amazing being.

I briefly shared a conversation with him, and I found that he carries a very powerful balance of ebb and flow. He radiates with a MASSIVE amount of bright, high vibe energy, while at the same time being completely approachable because he’s so grounded and down to Earth. He’s super funny, and knows how to turn a harsh truth into playful humor. The energy he embodies is uniquely powerful, and I was able to feel it right away with my extra-sensory awareness.

Even several minutes afterward, while I was driving home, I could still feel his energy all around me. It just felt like pure unconditional presence, and I got a sense that he knows how to love much more deeply than the average person knows how.
It’s so hard to describe what it literally felt like because it was so different than anything I’d ever experienced. If I had to put words to it though, I’d say it felt like stillness. It’s complete unconditional presence, right here in the present moment.

What’s really amazing though, is that instead of presenting himself as a spiritual know-it-all, his energy directs you back toward yourself. He shows you that YOU have the answer you’re looking for, but it just so happens that it’s being projected FROM you into the external environment. You are your greatest teacher, and learning to love yourself is the very path that enables you to love others.

This reminds me of something I learned a while ago, which is that whatever you admire about someone else, is actually just a reflection of what you admire about yourself.
The reason we notice these qualities in other people however, is because we’ve been taught that we’re not allowed to honor these aspects of ourselves, so the only way we recognize it now is through another person.

For example, social conditioning may teach you that you’re not allowed to think too highly of yourself because doing so would be arrogant.
If your parents used shame and criticism every time you celebrated your own accomplishments, you’d start to think there’s something wrong with you for having these accomplishments, so you naturally begin to shy away from honoring yourself, and instead play the “humble” role of downplaying your achievement because bringing recognition to it would ostracize you from the family/social group.

The need to honor yourself does not simply vanish though.
It actually gets suppressed into the subconscious mind, and now your brain just finds roundabout ways to bring recognition to these qualities by seeing it mirrored in other people.

We give other people the attention our parents never gave us. You present to the world the exact thing you’re in need of.

Understanding this, and learning to recognize our own admirable qualities, which are simply being reflected into other people, is an important key to becoming conscious.
The way you perceive others, is the way you were taught NOT to perceive yourself.

Give yourself permission to be honest about how you feel, and you’ll soon find that the things you like so much about those around you, are actually the things you’ve liked about yourself all along.

Peace and Love



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