Laughing Technique

“Whatever arises, love that.”

– That is a phrase I’ve heard from Matt Kahn, and now I’m finding it to be VERY powerful!

One time while I was at work (dishwasher at a restaurant) I tried using this technique and it works amazing!
I tried following this concept, which is pretty similar to something I’d learned in my own spiritual practice, which is that you can stay joyful all the time if you celebrate every experience. Whether the experience is “good” or “bad”, from the higher perspective you can step back and acknowledge that it’s always just an experience in your life as a human, so it is ultimately good.
Don’t wait for something “good” to happen to start celebrating. Literally celebrate everything.

The way that I go about doing this, is to simply laugh at everything I experience. While I was washing dishes, I would think to myself, “Oh look, I just rinsed the food off of this plate, hahaha.” “I just stacked those plates into a neat pile, hahaha.” “Oh, I just dropped a plate and it broke, hahaha!”

I basically force myself to laugh by just doing a slight “giggle” at everything I experience. It may take a little bit of effort to get the ball rolling, but once it starts, it snowballs REALLY fast! All of a sudden I’d just be laughing for no reason, or I’d even catch myself laughing because I just “giggled” at how neatly I stacked the plates.
Before long I was laughing REALLY hard, and I was overflowing with so much joy that other people were starting to ask if I’m on drugs, lol.

As I’ve continued implementing this laughing technique throughout the day, it has proven itself to be REALLY powerful, and I could actually feel my energetic vibration rising and improving my mood drastically.

This is how you live from more of a 5D perspective. Celebrate everything, and allow yourself to laugh at every experience.
This could really be the answer to the spiritual breakthrough you’re looking for, so try it out, and let me know what you think.



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