Continual Meditation

Be conscious, always.
An easy way to stay conscious (so you’re not walking through life on autopilot) is to manually think about every breath you take, at all moments of the day.
One exercise I’ve found in like manner that’s helped tremendously in my spiritual practice, is to focus on any aspect of my energy field, on a continual basis.
Treat meditation as something you do all the time, not just something that you set aside for 30 minutes a day.
For example, I focus on a different chakra each day of the week, so on Friday I focus on my third eye.
It’s nice to sit quietly and focus here for an allotted “meditation time”, but why stop there? Why not continually focus on your energy, even after the “meditation” is over.
This is what I do, and I’ve found it to be uniquely powerful.
The way that I do this is simple – I just think about the chakra, while I’m going about my everyday life.
While I’m washing dishes, I’m also visualizing the light from my chakra glowing onto the surrounding environment. While I’m driving, I’m visualizing my chakra light on everything I pass by.
In this case with my third eye, I visualize it as an Indigo (bluish purple) light, shining from the center of my forehead onto everything in the surrounding environment.
All you have to do is use your imagination to visualize this. See it like there is a beacon of light shining from within you.
Shine the light from your chakra, on everything you interact with.
Doing this will actually change the way you see the world. Think of it like wearing colored lenses, which change your perception of reality so everything you see matches the energetic vibration of the lenses.
In this case with your third eye, everything you look at (if you focus on your third eye while looking at it) you will see energetically and spiritually, instead of just the physical texture that you normally perceive.
This means that when you look at a person, you may be able to see what’s actually beyond the veil…
What truly separates this practice of continual meditation, from time-slot meditation, is that doing it in this way allows you to stay in the “aware state” even after the meditation is over.
Think of it like Full Power Super Saiyan on Dragonball Z.
It’s one thing to raise your power level and transform into a Super Saiyan, but the real breakthrough comes when that powered up state becomes a normal part your everyday mundane practice.
Be powered up, even while you sleep.
On Dragonball Z, Goku and Gohan demonstrate this by staying in the Super Saiyan state, even while they weren’t doing any training. They learned how to stay powered up to such a degree, that doing so is no longer something they do in order to prepare for a battle. The “battle state” is now their normal state, so now when they enter into battle they don’t have to waste energy powering up because they’re already in their powered up state. It’s become so mundane for them that the “heightened state” is now just a part of their everyday reality.
This applies to meditation in the same way – you can stay in a heightened state continually, if you allow your mind to stay focused, continually.
Never stop thinking about your energy field. Even as you go to work, or wash the dishes, breathe out the energy of each chakra while you go about your day.
Doing this does two things:
First, it allows you to be in a higher state of consciousness, even while you go about your day.
When I do this meditation for long enough throughout the day, it actually allows me to see myself, from an out of body perspective. I no longer feel as if I only exist in my physical body, because I become more tuned-in with the energy that SURROUNDS my body.
This can lead to out-of-experience, as well as having a greater perception of everything happening around you.
Second, doing this also teaches you to do what I call the “split consciousness technique”.
It’s one thing to go out of body while you’re sitting quietly in meditation, but it’s completely different to do so while also operating WITH your physical body.
Instead of leaving one perspective behind in order to “shift” into another, you learn to use both perspectives at the same time. You learn to have part of your consciousness in your physical body, so you’re still moving and going about your day, while another part of your consciousness is simultaneously in a higher dimension, so you’re in both places at once.
It’s sort of like playing a video game with split screen, but you’re controlling both players simultaneously, which gives you a much broader perception of everything inbetween.
Learning to do continual meditation is a very powerful key in raising your consciousness. In doing so you’ll begin to see that it’s not so much about reaching a “higher level”, but rather learning to integrate those higher levels into where you already are right here and now.
Be blissful, even in your mundane state ^_^
Be conscious, always.

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