JP Sears

I had the honor of meeting JP Sears at the Holistic Life Festival this weekend, and he truly is an amazing being. I briefly shared a conversation with him, and I found that he carries a very powerful balance of ebb and flow. He radiates with a MASSIVE amount of bright, high vibe energy, while […]

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Shadow Work

I’d like to share a process I’ve been using, called Shadow Work, which is beneficial to anyone suffering from emotional trauma. The idea behind shadow work is basically that the suffering you experience today, is rooted in emotional trauma from childhood. In order to heal yourself from this suffering, shadow work teaches you to go […]

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The End of Suffering

From the higher perspective (5d perhaps) the life we live here is like a movie that you’re plugged into. When you watch a movie, you WANT there to be some conflict, and you would consider it a good movie if it stirs your emotions a bit. Life from the higher perspective is the same way. […]

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Laughing Technique

“Whatever arises, love that.” – That is a phrase I’ve heard from Matt Kahn, and now I’m finding it to be VERY powerful! One time while I was at work (dishwasher at a restaurant) I tried using this technique and it works amazing! I tried following this concept, which is pretty similar to something I’d […]

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Continual Meditation

Be conscious, always. An easy way to stay conscious (so you’re not walking through life on autopilot) is to manually think about every breath you take, at all moments of the day. One exercise I’ve found in like manner that’s helped tremendously in my spiritual practice, is to focus on any aspect of my energy […]

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