Having your “lower chakras” balanced is JUST as important as doing so for the upper chakras.

I recently had an experience where I was able to sense the disharmonic energy in a person I was interacting with, which was due to the imbalance between her upper and lower chakras.
The scenario was, this person was talking, A LOT, and I was clairsensibly able to feel how the energy of her chakras affects her speech patterns.

The way it felt, she had a lot to say, but none of it had any meaning. It was like she was just speaking empty words, and it was annoying as fuck!
This was the most irritating yapping I’ve ever felt, because she was speaking way more than she needed to, but she wasn’t actually saying anything when she spoke. There was no energy behind her words.

The way this looked energetically, is that her throat chakra was open, but her Solar Plexus was not.
The third chakra, which some call the Solar Plexus, is where your identity comes from. It’s the “I AM”, the core of your being. When this energy is balanced, you are fully embodied in your identity, which makes your words and actions noticeably powerful because everything you do is an expression of Source consciousness.

When this energy is not balanced however, a person may appear to be doing a lot, but none of their actions have any impact. Their words feel empty, and their expressions appear void. Nothing they do has any weight behind it because they are not living from the I AM.
This is why having strong “lower” chakras is absolutely crucial before opening the upper chakras.

You may be able to see through your third eye, but what good is it if what you’re seeing is distorted by having a weak sense of self, or if you haven’t established an emotional connection between yourself and the world around you.
You may be able to say a lot of words, but what’s the point if none of them have any meaning.
When you learn to embody the I AM, and balance the “lower” chakras first, you’ll see that even your slightest expression is more powerful than speaking endlessly from the mouth alone.

The way this manifests physically is that it will feel like you’re speaking from the heart, or even deeper into your midsection, and this is all a manifestation of what’s happening energetically.
When your roots and your core are strong, even speaking one sentence has a more profound effect than shouting at the top of your lungs to an audience of millions.

Do your words sink deeply enough that people remember what you say, and the meaning of why you said it, or do your expressions only serve to drown out the silence without truly conveying anything of significance?
Your words are an expression of self. Don’t say more than you mean, and don’t mean more than you say. Let your words be an extension of yourself.


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