Appearance and Beauty

Think of your energetic vibration sort of like a spiritual “power level”. As you continue to ascend to higher states of consciousness you may notice a shift in your perception of “spiritual beings”.
For example, the first time you see your spirit guides they may appear as beautiful “angelic” beings, glowing with light and radiating with pure love.
As you begin to mature however, you very well may realize that they are not as “pretty” as you first imagined.
Higher beings do not always appear as they literally are. They often will take on a form that appeals to YOU, especially in a way that makes it easier to understand their role in your life.
For example, angels do not literally have wings. It doesn’t even make sense to think that angels would need wings because in the higher realms you “move” just by using your thoughts, so there is no need for “flying” or using any type of vehicle to move.
This is why most people have a complete misunderstanding of the Merkaba. The Merkaba is known to many as the “light vehicle” which is literally a sort of vehicle that the spirit uses to travel higher dimensions, but once you gain the understand of how these dimensions work, you realize there is no need for any vehicle. To focus on a vehicle to help you move is just a waste of time, and only serves as more baggage that prevents your consciousness from moving freely.
Beginners may choose to use the Light Vehicle because the concept helps to understand that you are “moving”.
As you come to a deeper understanding of how reality works and what you’re actually doing however, you realize that your own consciousness is the only gateway required to reach the higher realms. Using tools may be beneficial for the beginner, but know that what you are using is just that, a tool. Once you become more adept at transversing the cosmos, you learn that your own consciousness is the only tool you will ever need.
Reaching higher states of consciousness will allow you to see more clearly the true nature of reality.
In the same way that different tools can be used in order to convey what you’re seeing “spiritually”, your spirit guides will often appear in a recognizable form, in order to help you understand what you’re seeing.
Some guides appear as loved ones who have passed away. Some appear as stereotypical “God’s” depending on your religious upbringing. Some appear as superheros, and often will be perceived in a way that seems “high vibrational”. They may glow, or appeal to you in a way that corresponds with your “hero archetype”.
What’s very important to realize though, is that they use what you KNOW, in order to appeal to YOU.
They may not literally be 10 feet tall with a sword and glowing skin, but they will appear that way to your perception, as a way of conveying what type of energy they bring. What they’re basically doing is taking on the visual manifestation of a specific energetic vibration.
For example, if you aspire to be a famous writer, one of your favorite authors may appear to be your spirit guide. This does not mean that this person literally is connecting with you telepathically, but rather that a higher dimensional being is taking on the visual representation of their particular energy.
They have a certain writing style that appeals to you, so a being who also resonates with that energy may appear to you as that particular writer.
What this means is that your spirit guides are not always as they appear.
Multiple times now I’ve experienced my own guides changing in appearance, simply because I’ve raised my energetic vibration high enough to see their “true form”.
If you think of the energetic vibration as a sort of “spiritual power level”, this simply means that as I’ve become more spiritually advanced I have become better able to see reality for what it truly is. I’m able to see through the facade, and perceive what’s actually there.
The beings who used to appear as bright beautiful angels, may in reality look more like humanoid extra-terrestrials. They won’t show you their true form at first because it isn’t as “pretty” as an angel, but this does not mean that they’re “evil” or malevolent in any way. Many ET races just haven’t evolved in a way that humans would find attractive, so they have to appear in a form that appeals to you, in order to keep you from freaking out.
You come to understand this more deeply as you continue to grow in your spiritual practice.
Think of it like a little kid who is just starting to grow up and see how the world works for the first time.
When you were a child, you may have thought of your parents as super heroes. They seem to know everything, and they were able to meet your every need.
As you grew up however, you began to realize that they are just as much human as anyone else, and the fact of reality is that they’re actually struggling every minute to keep it all together and do everything they can to be happy.
You were unable to see this when you were a child, but once you’re older and become more mature you wake up to understand the harsh truth of reality. It may not be what you expected, but it’s just the honest truth of how it is.
Coming to reach this maturity in your spiritual journey is when you finally grow up. Reality may not be what you always hoped for, and “angels” may not be as pretty as you imagined, but that doesn’t make them any less loving, and neither is the “harsh truth” any less valid.
The true angels may very well be the people you turn away because their appearance doesn’t match your social circle.
Learn to see through the facade, and you’ll soon realize not to confuse appearance for true beauty.

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