What happens after we die

In my experience, death is a clean wipe. The trauma from this life will not affect you in the afterlife, or any other incarnation you choose to go into.
I had this vision once, where I saw what happens after we die.
I saw myself, along with every single person that I’ve ever met in my entire life. I went through this line of people, taking a moment to interact with each person, revisiting the memories we’ve had together throughout our life. We are able to go back and re-examine every interaction we’ve ever had.
In doing this, I was able to see their perspective, and they’re able to see mine. This makes it so that any time we’ve ever had a disagreement and conflicted with one another, we are able to see the other persons perspective and completely understand what lead to them making the decisions they made.
Once you have that understanding, there is no desire for “punishment”, or to “get even” with them. You let go of any offense when you see why it happened in the first place. You are able to have complete compassion and love for their perspective, because you realize you would have done the exact same thing if you were in their shoes.
There is no “punishment” or “getting even”, or having to clear your karma. To have UNDERSTANDING is the only “justice” you ever need.
This is what the final “judgement” actually is. It’s simply to have understanding of the other persons perspective.
After coming to a place of having compassion and love for one another, I saw myself merge INTO every single person. It seemed that once we’d tied up loose ends, the natural byproduct is to go back into one-ness.
As Christians say, “you are the body of Christ.”
After the “judgement” is over, you go back to the perspective of being one with God, which was your true identity all along.

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