Remote Viewing as a form of Astral Travel

I’m realizing, “remote viewing” may actually be a more refined version of astral travel, and it allows you to explore the higher realms much more easily.
Recently when I’ve been going out-of-body, my spirit guides have been telling me not to worry so much about focusing on my Merkaba, which is known to some as the “light body” or spirit vehicle. (It’s even mentioned in the bible as the chariot of fire, which Elijah used to ascend into Heaven).
Instead, I’m learning that it’s easier to “go” places by simply using my consciousness alone.
When you use your “astral body” to travel, you’re doing just that, using a BODY to travel. There is always a process of having to pull that body separate from your physical self, in order to move freely in the spirit realm.
The separation stage is often the most difficult part for some people because they identify with their physical body to such a degree that they think it’s the totality of who they are. This makes it feel like you’re stuck here, because if you can’t perceive anything other than physical, how would you be able to GO anywhere, other than physically.
Using pure consciousness to travel, however, there is no actual separation stage because everything in the universe is connected.
You don’t have to “leave” your body in order to visit another galaxy or higher dimension. You simply FEEL the universe as an extension of yourself, and you’re able to go anywhere.
To separate from your body, would be like cutting off your own arm in order to look at it. It’s much easier to simply shift your awareness to feel your arm instead of actually detaching it from your body in order to see it.
In practical terms that could mean just using an x-ray or microscope to view your arm. This is much like remote viewing. You’re simply using a different modality to change perspectives on what’s already there. This is what you’re doing when you raise your consciousness in order to view other parts of the universe, or even entirely other universes. Instead of actually “going” there with your astral body, you simply tune-in with your consciousness, because it’s literally an extension of your self.
When you do this it may feel like intuition, or that you’re receiving images in your mind, but this is actually a more refined way to astral travel because all you have to do is allow your consciousness to tune-in to what’s there, instead of literally going there.
As a side note, this also makes it easier to view alternate timelines, without being confused about which one is “real”.
One problem most people have when they’re learning to go out-of-body, is that they can’t if their energetic vibration isn’t high enough. It’s much like how when you’re out of shape, there are certain things that you are physically unable to do. Likewise, if you’re not in-tune with your spirit, you can’t perceive anything spiritual.
For example if you’ve never meditated, or detached from your thoughts, it may seem like you’re stuck in your physical body, and that you ARE your physical body. It seems absurd to think that there even IS anything other than what you see physically, if you’ve never experienced anything else.
There is in fact MUCH more to this reality than what you perceive physically.
In the same way that the rainbow spectrum of visible light is only a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, so also is the physical realm only a small portion of the collective universe.
If you’ve ever experienced “deja vu”, or coincidentally “imagined” something happening before it actually happened, you may have actually tapped into Universal Mind without realizing it.
From this perspective, time is not linear, so you are able to experience past present and future, as if they were simply different channels on a TV.
The future is not absolutely set though, and is usually seen in terms of potential timelines, which is why psychics can often be wrong about predicting future events.
Anyways, here is a meditation that can help you raise your consciousness:
-Sit comfortably, or lie on your back with your eyes closed
-Focus on your breathing. You don’t have to breathe any particular way, but just pay attention to every inhale and exhale.
-Using your imagination, visualize seeing your body from a birds-eye-view. See it as if you’re floating along the ceiling, looking at your physical body.
-After focusing here for a few minutes, “zoom out” and visualize overlooking your house.
-Continue doing this, zooming out to overlook the entire city, the entire state, and eventually the entire planet.
-Once you’re in space, focus on BEING the planet itself. In the same way that one blood cell is just a small part of your body, so also is one human just a small part of the Earth.
-With every inhale, focus on taking in the Sun’s energy.
-Feel every breath, as if you are the entire planet itself being alive.
After doing this for 20 minutes or so, you’ll almost sort of forget about your physical body, and you’ll feel more in-tune with the Earth.
Even though it’s “just your imagination”, what you’re doing here is using your mind as a tool to help you step out of your temporal perspective, and tune-in to a higher state of consciousness.
Once you tune-in deeply enough, you’ll start having a greater sense of connection to the planet itself, and you may even receive “downloads” in your intuition about how the Universe works, which is how you’re able to see “beyond the veil”.

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