May 4th, 2016

I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t learned any more sacred geometry, but I’ve been getting more into astral travel and I’m finding that this is probably THE most powerful tool for raising your consciousness.
When you spend your entire life here on Earth, in our modern culture, it’s easy to think this is all that there is.
You go to school, go to work, enjoy your weekend, spend time with your family and friends… you’re so focused on 3D life, it seems like this is all that there is.
Once you start to go out-of-body though… WOW!
It’s like walking out of the movie theater and remembering that there’s SO much more to life.
Contrary to popular belief, life in 3D does not become “dull” or any less exciting when you experience the “higher dimensions”, but rather, life here actually becomes MORE exciting, because you’re able to see through all the bullshit and see life for what it really is.
What I find to be more and more true the more that I go out of body, is that what our culture considers to be “normal” or “right” is nothing more than social conditioning. The values of our modern society do not necessarily reflect universal truth.
Once you start to see things from the higher perspective, you learn very quickly that most of our societal values are completely backwards, and what many people consider to be the right way to live, is in fact the complete OPPOSITE of that!
It’s all social conditioning, and you were taught to believe things a certain way in order to fulfill someone else’s agenda.
Find your truth, and break out of the social conditioning mold you were brought up in. Coming into your own freedom in this way may shake up those around you, but it very well may be what you came here to do.
Once you’re free, you’ll find that your life will start to make a whole lot more sense, and you’ll finally understand why the world is in the condition that it’s in today.
“Do not got where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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