Astral Travel, using your imagination

Having an out of body experience really is as simple as just using your imagination.
Lie in bed with your eyes closed, and use your imagination to visualize that you’re looking at your body. Sort of like your spirit is floating along the ceiling, and you’re looking down at your physical body.

It usually helps if I start by focusing on one of my chakras, so I use my imagination to visualize a particular color shining from my body, and the whole room is filled with this colorful light.

After focusing on this for a few minutes, I just use my imagination to “look” around and see what’s there. I fly into space and look at the planets, or talk to any spirits nearby.

At first it may seem like it’s not “real” and it’s just something you’re making up, but you’ll realize it’s real when, even though you’re using your imagination to create the environment, you start to see that the environment eventually start to create itself, and beings will even come to you and interact with you, showing you things, or telling you information that you couldn’t have made up on your own.

The problem most people have when it comes to using the imagination to go out of body, is how do you know it’s real, especially during the type of scenarios where I use visualizations of animated characters as part of my astral travels.
Often times I will interact with “fictional characters”, but what’s really interesting about this is that just because it’s “fictional” doesn’t mean it can’t be real.
When you go out of body, there are many higher dimensional beings who very well could take on the form of “fictional characters” as a way of interacting with you because doing so allows you to be more comfortable with what you’re seeing, as well as have a better understanding of what kind of message they’re trying to convey to you.

For example, I knew someone who said Yoda (from Star Wars) is actually one of her spirit guides. What’s happening here is that there is a higher dimensional being taking on the “thought-form” of Yoda, because doing so makes it easier to interact and convey their message in a way that’s more receivable. This doesn’t mean it’s literally Yoda, it just means that these entities are able to appear in a form that’s comfortable for you, so they’re able to interact with you in a way that you can understand.

The reason for this is that some higher dimensional beings may not even have “bodies” in a way that you would recognize. If you’re expecting an alien to be a little green man in a space ship, you would probably miss it when they appear as a frequency of energy that you can’t physically “hold”, so the only way you could even perceive them is through your emotions. You could “sense” them before you ever see them, so in order to help you understand that you’re talking to a “spirit” they may appear in whatever way you already expect a spirit to look.
This does not mean it’s just “placebo”, or that you’re creating the effect with your mind, because they will still show you, and teach you things that you aren’t just creating with your mind, but it all starts with them appearing in a way that’s comfortable for you, even if it is a stereotypical recognizable “alien” form.


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