Having your “lower chakras” balanced is JUST as important as doing so for the upper chakras. I recently had an experience where I was able to sense the disharmonic energy in a person I was interacting with, which was due to the imbalance between her upper and lower chakras. The scenario was, this person was […]

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We live in a backwards society where being a “hard worker” (suppressing your emotions) is favorable, and being “lazy”/weak (honoring your emotional needs) is looked down upon. To be “in-alignment” with universal truth very well may cause you to live in a way that is completely contrary to how you were socially conditioned to behave. […]

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Appearance and Beauty

Think of your energetic vibration sort of like a spiritual “power level”. As you continue to ascend to higher states of consciousness you may notice a shift in your perception of “spiritual beings”. For example, the first time you see your spirit guides they may appear as beautiful “angelic” beings, glowing with light and radiating […]

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Time Does Not Exist

“Time-dilation” is a concept which says that the closer you are to the speed of light, the more time slows down for you. This is demonstrated in the movie Interstellar, where they show that a planet on the edge of a black hole is moving fast enough that one hour there is the equivalent of […]

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I astral traveled to planet Venus today, and I learned that the molecules in the atmosphere there actually cause your brain to produce the love hormone. This makes it so you literally fall in love with the environment and everyone you see, so this is a wonderful planet to visit if you ever need help […]

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We are consciousness

We are consciousness, experiencing itself. You are more than just creation. We aren’t just “created beings”, filled with a divine spark. You are the consciousness that INHABITS that created being, and the eternal truth of who you are could never be created or destroyed. You are consciousness. 176

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Priceless Soul

Never judge a person by their physical appearance, because what you see on the outside isn’t who they truly are. The way people look physically is merely a persona which they’ve opted into, as part of their mission as a human being. It’s much like a janitor who cleans up your garbage, in that what […]

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What happens after we die

In my experience, death is a clean wipe. The trauma from this life will not affect you in the afterlife, or any other incarnation you choose to go into. I had this vision once, where I saw what happens after we die. I saw myself, along with every single person that I’ve ever met in […]

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