If you ever find yourself feeling “stuck” when it comes to receiving downloads, or communicating with higher dimensional beings, try taking a more lighthearted approach, and don’t worry so much about finding an absolute answer.
I’ve found that it often works a bit easier if I simply “scroll” through the beings, and allow myself to receive whatever answer comes to me first, without being so fixated on whether or not it’s literally “true”.
For example, I do this when I meditate with my crystals, by holding each one for just a brief moment before moving on to the next, almost like scrolling through a deck of cards.
I simply pick up a crystal, ask it if there’s anything it wants to tell me, and I go with whatever is the first idea to pop into my mind.
It will sometimes feel like I’m just “making something up”, but it’s okay to play along with that feeling as you’re first starting out.
It doesn’t matter if it’s “real”, just write down the first thing you think of, even if you have to literally make something up that you think this being “would” say.
After a while, you’ll realize that even doing it like this is a completely legit method of channeling when you start to see that the ideas you’re “making up” are too profound to have been made up by only you.
You realize it’s real when you start receiving information that answers questions you previously had no knowledge of.
This is a very simple way of learning to “channel” information from higher dimensional beings, which can be used to communicate with anything like crystals, spirit guides, and even your Higher Self.
Try it for yourself and see how you feel.
Just remember to have fun, and try not to take it too seriously.
More often than not, the only thing stopping me from communicating with my guides is that I don’t make the TIME to sit quietly and do it. I’ll have moments where I plan to, but then it gets pushed aside because I think of it like a big ceremony, or a drawn out meditation where you have to conjure up your highest vibrations in order to receive a message.
It doesn’t always work like that.
You can literally do this as easily as watering the plants in your living room. In the same way that you walk from one plant to another, briefly giving each one an amount of water before moving on to the next, it’s just as easy to connect with your crystals and guides, by simply asking “Is there anything you would like to share with me today”, to each one in a similar fashion.
Close your eyes and let yourself daydream while doing this. Consider any “memories” or seemingly “random thoughts” that appear, to actually be a message you’re being shown for a specific purpose.
If you don’t see anything within one minute, just move on to the next one and don’t worry about it.
It’s literally that easy. Channeling and receiving “downloads” doesn’t always have to be a 2 hour long meditation. Think of it more like taking a daily vitamin as part of your morning routine. It only takes a brief second to do, and the process is as easy as scrolling through a deck of cards, looking at each one’s specific message.

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