Masculinity and Femininity

One aspect of the pole shift that I’m seeing play out during this time, is that masculinity and femininity are shifting perspective in order to find new equilibrium.
This is playing out not only in a reversal of the gender roles that our culture defines as “masculine” or “feminine”, but also in the fact that men are coming into their divine feminine essence, as women are also coming into their divine masculine essence.
It’s a total union of opposites, where both genders learn to fully embody divine masculine and divine feminine in a way that more purely expresses our true divine nature, which is that of transcending duality.

It’s just as science has been stating that within 50 or 100 years there will likely be no more pure bred racial groups, and instead the majority of people will be mixed with a little bit of all ethnicities.

The pole shift is a total union of opposites.


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