Serve yourself

Today I decided to light incense while I was cooking dinner, and the meditative state I was in lead to a pretty interesting turn of perspectives.
In my spirit, I had a sense that I had just “cooked dinner for myself.” That was exactly how I heard it in my mind – I cooked dinner FOR myself.

I’ve never really thought about it like that, but now I’m realizing that whenever I do something for myself, it really is as if I’m doing it FOR me. It’s as if I’m a waiter, and I’m actually serving, or attending to, myself.
When I think of it like this, it feels very pleasant to cook dinner FOR myself.

Even though this was really just an ordinary meal that I eat all the time, when I change perspectives like this, it feels like more of a treat, and I actually get the sense that I’m honoring, and catering-to, myself.

This makes me realize I need to be aware of this more often, and it can really change your whole outlook on a situation when you consider that what you’re doing for yourself literally is like service FOR yourself.
Treat yourself the way you want to be treated.


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