The 4 States of Consciousness

  1. Being Un-conscious
  2. Ascending. This is where you are on the path of knowledge, and becoming “enlightened”
  3. Non-duality. This is when you go beyond “light vs dark”, “good vs bad” and realize that it’s all two sides of the same coin. FYI the biggest mistake people make in this state, is thinking they’re better than others because they’ve “ascended” past duality. That in itself is another form of duality (us vs them), so in reality these people have not ascended anywhere. That makes this stage a sort of transitional state for most people, that can only be realized once you’ve reached the fourth state.
  4. To see the beauty in being un-conscious. The entire ascension process is often used as an escape to disown the human nature, in favor of a more divine nature. The biggest cosmic joke of all though, is that your human nature IS your highest form of divinity. Your enlightenment comes full circle when you use it to embrace who you are, not escape from it. Not only that, but also coming to a point of realizing why duality exists in the first place, and understanding it so deeply that you celebrate the person who is completely “failing” at success, just as much as you celebrate the epitome of success. To become fully conscious, is to celebrate every perspective.

This process it not a linear progression to the “top”, but rather, a circle that leads you right back where you started. The first IS the last. The beginning IS the end. The top IS the bottom.


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