Becoming unGrounded

I’ve decided to shift my approach as to how I go about using crystals in my spiritual practice.

As part of my standard routine, I usually dedicate one chakra to each day of the week, as well as one particular crystal to use, which resonates with each chakra. For example, Wednesday I focus on my Heart chakra, so I normally use Rose Quartz.

This has been my normal layout for the past few years, ever since I first started using crystals as a part of my meditation. I experienced something this week though, which has prompted me to rethink which crystals I’m choosing to use.

As I’ve decided to use one particular crystal to resonate with each chakra, the one I’ve been using for my Root chakra is Hematite, and the one I use for my Throat chakra is Kyanite. Both of these stones are known for their ability to “clear” energy. Hematite, I personally have experienced, is VERY powerful at literally “grounding” your energy, much like an electric current is grounded. The excess charge is completely removed.

The first time I experienced this effect on my energy field using Hematite, I had just finished doing a very powerful two hour meditation, after which I decided to go out-of-body and explore the astral realm.
In doing so, the moment I stepped out, and got a chance to look at my energetic body, I immediately noticed how powerfully my energy was being grounded. I had a LOT of energy radiating from me because of how much energy work I’d just done, which attracted several entities in the astral realm. I was completely glowing with energy, and this looks like a beacon of light in the astral realm.
What really got my attention though, is that I could see how much energy I had, but I could also see all the excess being removed from my auric field, which allowed these entities to feast on it. They were literally feasting off of the excess energy my body was giving off, because Hematite grounds you in a way that removes this excess from your energy body.

This isn’t necessarily “bad”, but it did come as a shock for me to see what this stone is literally doing energetically when it “grounds” me.

Although grounding is usually considered to be a good thing that you’re supposed to do regularly, I’m starting to learn that the term “grounding” could actually have more than one meaning.
One definition people use in the spiritual field when they talk about grounding, is to allow yourself to fully phase with the physical dimension. It’s simply, to be fully present, in your physical body, right now.
The reason this is so important is because if you spend too much time day-dreaming in lala land, you’ll always be in lala land, and you’ll never live your life. Be here, now. Experience physical life just as much as you experience your spiritual life.

I’ve actually had an experience before, where I was starting to become TOO ungrounded, and I literally felt my spirit separating itself from my physical body. I had just finished meditating, and within a few minutes after I was done, while I was just casually browsing facebook, I suddenly got the sensation that my body was floating, and I started to realize that my spirit isn’t fully anchored in my body in the physical dimension. I was having a spontaneous out-of-body experience.
Nothing really happened, and I was able to come back pretty easily just by focusing on my body, but it was a pretty eye-opening experience as to how important it is to be grounded, and really anchor yourself into the physical dimension, so you can allow your consciousness to be fully present in your body.

I’m realizing though, this type of “grounding” is actually different than the literal grounding that Hematite does, whereby it releases your excess energy like that of an electrical circuit.

Learning to be grounded, in terms of fully embracing the physical dimension is obviously very important, but I’m starting to think that the type of grounding the Hematite stone does, may not be as necessary as some people claim it is.
I realized this just a couple days ago, as I had been using Hematite for my meditation on Sunday. What I realized is that when Hematite “grounds” your energy, it actually stops you from bringing the energy you acquired during meditation, out of the meditation. What I mean by that is, you may only experience the high-vibrational energy of those transcendental meditative states while you are in those meditative states. The moment you come out of it and go about your day, that energy does not get to come with you because what Hematite does when it “grounds” you, is to literally remove this excess energy.

The way I see it, it’s like Hematite forces you to live paycheck to paycheck, instead of allowing you to save up anything extra you accumulate.
Imagine these two scenarios – 1) You’re working at a good job, and with every pay period, after you’ve paid all your bills, you have a bit of money left over, which you decide to save. Scenario 2) You’re working at the same job, making and spending the same amount of money, but in this scenario, at the end of every pay period your boss comes and takes away the excess money you didn’t spend. You don’t get to save it. If you didn’t spend it, you have to give it back. This makes it impossible to save anything, which means if you ever miss work, you’re screwed.

This is the same way Hematite operates if you use it to ground your energy on a regular basis. Normally when I meditate, the high frequency energy I experience during the meditation, as well as the afterglow that comes as a result, will continue to stay with me for at least the rest of the day, if not the next several days following.
I think of it like having a heavenly fragrance that radiates from my body, which slowly dissipates over time.
With Hematite however, there is no afterglow like this. As soon as the meditation is over, the high vibes are also over. Any excess energy you have will immediately be “grounded”, which basically means you won’t have the amazing afterglow, and the only time you’ll be able to experience these higher energy states is during the meditation itself.

This made me realize, what if these types of stones aren’t meant to be used on a regular basis like other crystals are? What if “grounding” stones, or any type of crystal that “clears” your energy, is actually meant to be used in the same way that you would do a dietary fast, or detox?
Could you imagine doing a juice-fast every single day for the rest of your life, with a liver detox at the end of every week? NOT fun!
You were never meant to live that way, and that’s not how you’re supposed to take energy in, in the first place.
In the same way that detoxing is normally used as annual/semi-annual maintenance for the body, so also could grounding stones be considered something that you use every so often, and not something you use on a daily basis.
You’ve got to let the tree grow a little before you start pruning the branches.

Any stone that grounds your energy, may actually be impeding your growth. It’s okay to let your energy flourish. Don’t be so worried about getting rid of the negative, and instead learn to transform the darkness into light. Embrace every experience and allow yourself to flow with whatever energy you receive.

I’ve decided that for the time being, I’m putting my “grounding stones” on halt. Hematite is one of these, but Kyanite is also a very powerful stone I use, which is spectacular at clearing all the chakras, as well as the entire aura field.
I understand now that these are probably best used once in a blue moon, or whenever I have something specific in my energy field that needs to be dealt with.
Until then, I prefer to let my energy flow from one meditation to the next. Accumulating energy in this way is not the same as stagnancy. Far from it actually, because as I’m continually bringing in more energy, I’m naturally releasing the overflow. You don’t have to cut yourself off from your excess in order to stay fresh.

In regard to the reason why you would want to put a limit on your excess though, it’s understandable that in some cases, having too much high vibrational energy could cause a few problems.
Imagine being in such a high vibrational state during meditation that you can’t stop laughing. You literally can’t stop, and even after the meditation is “over” you’re in such a good mood that you continually laugh at everything, even when you’re not “supposed” to. This could obviously become a problem if you’re ever in a serious situation.
In that type of scenario , it would be completely understandable that you need to tone down that high frequency quite a bit, so using a grounding stone to release the excess energy would be a great way to go about doing that.
Under normal circumstances however, it’s actually this overflow of high vibe energy which allows you to take your spiritual practice into the mundane. It’s one thing to communicate with your spirit guides during meditation, but it’s completely different when it happens while you’re going about the minutia of life. This is when washing the dishes becomes a meditation in itself.
This is where you learn to become truly “grounded” because you are no longer putting a separation between the “spiritual” and the physical. Everyday life becomes the spiritual experience, because spirituality is no longer something you “shut off” in order to plug back in to physical life.

You experience a whole new level of awakening when you let the overflow of spiritual hyper-awareness, become a blended aspect of your life in the physical realm. This is when “supernatural” healing becomes a part of your mundane routine, and not something that only happens when you’re in the “atmosphere” of spirituality. You are now able to bring spirituality with you, to change the atmosphere around you.

This is what it means to be fully grounded.


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