If you ever find yourself feeling “stuck” when it comes to receiving downloads, or communicating with higher dimensional beings, try taking a more lighthearted approach, and don’t worry so much about finding an absolute answer. I’ve found that it often works a bit easier if I simply “scroll” through the beings, and allow myself to […]

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Trust yourself

There is no one more capable of directing your life than you are. The bottom line is, you’re either living your own life, or you’re letting someone else live your life for you. Trust your feelings and listen to your emotions. Others can give you advice, but ultimately only you can walk in your own […]

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April 29, 2016

What comes out of you during your awakening is more important than what comes to you. What you release has a more profound effect than what you gain. 28

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Masculinity and Femininity

One aspect of the pole shift that I’m seeing play out during this time, is that masculinity and femininity are shifting perspective in order to find new equilibrium. This is playing out not only in a reversal of the gender roles that our culture defines as “masculine” or “feminine”, but also in the fact that […]

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April 27, 2016

If you were born into a broken family situation, you may have been placed there intentionally so you could give your parents the love they never received from their parents. You were meant to break the cycle of unmet needs. 131

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Respect yourself

Once you come to fully know your identity, and begin to honor your own boundaries, it becomes increasingly difficult to be around anyone who does not also do the same. Don’t tolerate people who won’t respect your “no thank you.” 361

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Change your mind, change your life

There is no change within, without change without. Another way of saying this could be – There is no change that occurs within you, that does not also produce a change outside of you. In other words, when you change your beliefs and thought patterns, your actions and life circumstances will also begin to change. […]

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Intuition vs Inner Critic

Listening to your inner critic is NOT the same as following your intuition. It could be better described as the dark side of your shadow, which is rooted in fear and repression due to shame, as opposed to validation and understanding, which stems from honor. 118

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Serve yourself

Today I decided to light incense while I was cooking dinner, and the meditative state I was in lead to a pretty interesting turn of perspectives. In my spirit, I had a sense that I had just “cooked dinner for myself.” That was exactly how I heard it in my mind – I cooked dinner […]

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