Who is Lucifer (part 2)

In regard to my previous post on Lucifer, today I meditated on a painting, “Fall of Lucifer” by Robert Venosa, and while doing so I received another insight.


While meditating, I was led to use the Heart chakra mudra on my left hand (thumb + ring finger), and the Solar Plexus/I AM mudra on my right (thumb + middle finger).

With my eyes closed, I was shown in a vision a memory from my childhood.
One day while I was at school in 5th grade, I saw a girl sitting quietly with a bumble bee on her face. She was just sitting there when a bee landed on her, so she continued sitting very peacefully, with her eyes closed, as this bee walked across her face and eventually flew away. I watched as several people gathered around to look on in amazement.

While being shown this memory, I just imagined what it would be like if a random kid just came up to this girl and SMACKED her in the face in order to kill this bumble bee.

This is what Lucifer-mindset is – I do what I want, simply because I can.

This is much different than “God/unity consciousness” and “Satan/separate consciousness” and here’s why.
God/Unity consciousness is to be “One”. It is to love your neighbor as yourself, so to speak, because you see all beings as an aspect of yourself, which prompts you to love everyone equally.
Satan/separate consciousness is to see yourself as the highest priority in your life. It is to serve yourself first, with no regard for how other people feel because they are separate from you.

Lucifer-mindset, when looked at literally, seems very similar to Satan/separation, but the key difference is that Lucifer-mindset is more along the lines of – because I CAN.
It is to say, I’m choosing to do whatever action is available here, not because I see myself as separate and thus a higher priority than others, but rather, I see this as a fun experience and I just want to see what will happen.
It is actually the lack of attachment to good and bad.

This goes beyond the duality of choosing between Unity vs Separation consciousness, because in Lucifer-mindset you view the experience as just an experience. It has no meaning, and you are choosing to experience it simply because you can.

I find this very interesting because in the past, I always thought of Lucifer-mindset as being able to distinguish between “light” and “dark”, because “Lucifer” is the dividing line between the two.
Now though, I see Lucifer-mindset as actually REMOVING the line, so there IS NO “light vs dark”. Everything is just an experience, and has no inherent meaning.

You only assign meaning to the experience because of the social conditioning which has taught you certain actions are acceptable, while others are not acceptable, but from universal perspective this is not true. The values we’ve developed to benefit our culture do no necessarily reflect universal truth. We only behave a certain way because it benefits US as humans.
The experience itself does not inherently have a meaning until you assign it one.
To smack someone in the face in order to kill a bee is only considered “bad” when you attach a meaning to that experience. From objective universal perspective, nothing has meaning. Everything is just an experience.

Lucifer-mindset is to step back, and unattach yourself from the meaning of that experience, so that each experience is nothing more than an experience.
It is the transcendence of “light vs dark”, “good vs bad” duality opposites.

Interestingly enough, as this is the second time I’ve received insight on “who is Lucifer” I can see very well that this understanding could actually be considered the opposite side of the coin, to the previous definition I’d experienced.

In the past, I’d learned that Lucifer is the actual dividing line that allows you to differentiate between light and dark. It is the ability to distinguish between good and evil (eg the fruit of knowledge of good and evil in the garden of eden).

Now I am seeing though, that Lucifer-mindset is ALSO the transcendence of those opposites.
This plays out in the same way that Universal self-actualization does – in order to know something, you must also know the contrast of that thing.
In order to know Lucifer-mindset as being the differentiation between light and dark, you must also know Lucifer-mindset as the TRANSCENDENCE of light and dark.
It is to simply see every moment of life as an experience, with no attachment to whether the experience is “good” or “bad”.
It is just an experience. This is Lucifer.


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