Who is Lucifer (part 1)

‎Lucifer is the catalyst between “separation” and unity consciousness.

The name “Lucifer” is Latin for “light bearer”.
Lucifer is simply the understanding of “contrast” as a means of universal expansion.

Consider this – The life we are experiencing right now, is comparable to sitting in a dark room watching a movie. As long as the lights are turned off, you become so focused on the movie it starts to seem real. It feels like you’re INSIDE the movie, and you forget you’re just sitting in a theater.
That’s how it’s supposed to be. The movie becomes more fun when you feel the emotion, and it seems like it’s YOU experiencing everything you’re seeing on screen.
If someone were to turn the light on, you’d be upset because you’re suddenly reminded that the movie isn’t real, and you’re just sitting in a theater.

This is how LIFE is for most people. They choose to come into the 3rd dimension, and intentionally forget that there are higher dimensions. To become “enlightened” is to simply turn the light on in the theater, so to speak, and become aware that there is a life outside of the life you’re experiencing now.

To say that Lucifer is “evil” is to say that enlightenment is bad. It’s the concept that it’s better to remain ignorant, and stay unaware of the theater you’re sitting in while watching the movie.

Lucifer and Satan are actually not the same person.
If “Source/God” is the total embodiment of unity consciousness, then what I call “Satan” would be the total embodiment of “separation”.

The way universal expansion works, is that in order to understand what “white” is, there needs to be a contrast to white, so there must be “black”. If everything was “white” you wouldn’t know that “white” exists. There has to be a contrast. The only way you can say “this is white” is because you’ve experienced something else that is not white.

In the same way, in order for Source to understand unity consciousness, there also has to be “separation.”
We are currently living in a dimension where we experience this separation. In the “higher” dimensions there is an increasing awareness of unity, and in the “lower” dimensions there is an increasing awareness of separation.
If “Source/God” is at the “highest” dimension, and represents total unity, then “Satan” is at the “lowest” dimension, and represents total separation.

So when you look at it with this understanding of duality – light/dark, unity/separation, etc, “Lucifer” is the dividing line which allows the two sides of duality to understand each other.
Lucifer is the light bearer. He’s not a “person”, but rather, the mechanism in which Source/God comes to know itself by way of contrast.
This is how the universe is self-actualizing.

If God is “good” and Satan is “bad”, then “Lucifer” is the understanding of good and bad.


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